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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yankees Win 27th World Series......."Too Successful" Says Obama Administration

If they continue to win like this in New York during these wacky,  BizarrObama times, they and we may all wake up one morning and read this kinda stuff from the state owned and operated Media after a World Series win like last night for the Yankees beating the Phillies in 6 games at home....
"Since the Yankees continue this unmatched excess success decade after decade, the  Eternal Elected Obama administration is eying a takeover of the Bronx Bombers of new for being too successful, which any liberal democrat will tell you isn't FAIR to the teams that perpetually SUCK every year like, Obama's hometown team the Cubs and even his beloved SOX most of the time.
All Good Red Americans agree that they must ALL be given a chance to win the World Series just like everyone else..therefore at the end of each year  heretofore, MLB has announced they will now rotate the most losing teams each year and they too will play a World Series just like the winners, except For the Losers!!!!! :) "

Yeah!! then, everyone is a winner, and we all go home smiling and happy thanks to another great decision of our beloved lifelong Leader Obama.!! Woo Wee!!
If that wouldn't be sick and sad enough, then the story after the monumental wins each year might go something like this......
"So instead of popping champagne corks and the Yanks went to losing clubhouse and shared their celebration with the losing Phillies, and afterward, they all gathered back on the field to sing a round of Kum Bah Ya with their rainbow of mostly androgynous fans, who all simultaneously and instinctively joined hands together to form the new 'Wave Of Goodwill' .........

And then they all gleefully sang "Hail To Our Dear Leader" which this year was led by Chairman MaoBama  himself along with the first Commie Mommie Michelle..

"It was a most beautiful moment" said Vice Chairman William Ayers......"
Wouldn't that be nice? Not in this lifetime thank you......

Now, being serious folks......

So at least for now while the world is still barely "right side up" thank goodness,  the New York Yankees with their fans are celebrating their 27th World Series Win and remain by far the most dominant Team ever in Pro American Sports...
Congratulations to them and their fans on the historic win ..this from the New York Post Online..

New York Post: "Baseball’s penthouse is again decorated with hand-painted silk pinstripe wallpaper. Nine years after their previous World Series title, the Yankees copped No. 27 last night when they spanked the defending champion Phillies, 7-3, in Game 6 at Yankee Stadium as a record gathering of 50,315 that didn’t include George Steinbrenner watched.

Friday morning the Yankees will celebrate with a ticker-tape parade up lower Broadway.

“Right where we belong,' Derek Jeter bellowed from a stage in the middle of the $1.5 billion Stadium.

And they looked very comfortable. Alex Rodriguez, who doesn’t have to answer any more questions about choking in the postseason, let loose with a river of victory tears and promised the parade will be a huge party." more
Here's a video featuring the New York fans after the game..


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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