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Sunday, November 1, 2009

5 Bear Takeaways Lead to BIG Victory on Walter Payton Remembrance Day

See my post below this one for the Walter Payton Day information and little personal tribute on this tenth anniversary of his way untimely and still painful death for die hard football fans from all over including this man who idolizes no one yet loved the man and his unparalleled work ethic.

Anyhow the Bears came to play today as the Cleveland Browns left their game back home in Cleveland, the infamous  Mistake By the Lake...just kiddin all you Cleveland peeps really pouring it on in the second half scoring a couple touchdowns while having 2 called back because of penalties in the same span along with some field goals from Robbie Gould who never misses inside the 50... 

They also played in these gawd awful Orange Jerseys they pull out from time to time around Halloween ....why I don't know since no other team does it. I prefer the blue and white jerseys myself

They did play a little better but still shakey in the red zone than they have all season, appearing there 6 times today resulting in 2 touchdowns, a field goal, a turnover and conversely a safety when the Bears turned the ball on downs over the the Browns who then turned it into the points for the Bears..

After last weeks 45 -10 ass whooping today's victory was sweet indeed and a big win for the Bears one and only Gipper, Sweetness himself....The Late and Always Great Walter Payton, may God rest his soul...

Here's whats popping up in the local papers and around the league this afternoon if you're interested.....  Click here for some awesome footage at Chicagobears.com of Walter's Poetry in Motion.

Here's the lowdown on the Bears scoring from the SunTimes

Today against the Browns, the Bears picked up where they left off against the Bengals in last week's 45-10 loss—uninspiring, lethargic, mistake-filled football.

The Bears once again showed their inability to score in the "red zone," settling for three Robbie Gould field goals after being stifled inside the 20 three times. Soldier Field fans repeatedly booed the offense for their ineptness.

Finally, minutes before halftime, the Bears successfully scored in the "red zone" when Matt Forte ran one in from the 1-yard line, giving the Bears their 16-0 halftime lead.

Browns quarterback Derek Anderson, who had a 0 passer rating in the first half, finally put the Cleveland on the board in the third quarter with a 1-yard plunge. The Bears blocked the PAT, making it Bears 16-6 midway through the third.

The Bears got a little breathing room late in the third when Matt Forte ran in a touchdown from the 10. The play was set up by a long pass-play from Jay Cutler to Johnny Knox. Gould added the point after to make it 23-6.

Charles Tillman added a 21-yard interception return with a little more than 3 minutes left to conclude the scoring
Big Three O'clock game on national TV between the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings who of course are now being led by their old turncoat QB Brett Favre who just fumbled the ball as I'm typing this 10 minutes into the 1st quarter of the game which Green Bay leads 3-0...

Favre as one would expect was met with some heavy booing by his old fans who used to worship the ground the guy walked on while he was up in Green Bay...

We hate him down here not as a man but as a great quarterback who's had the Bears number his entire career.

 More later as the games finish up ..


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