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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Woman Given Ticket By Patrolman For Not Speaking English...Good..

Lets see some more of these handed out left and right I say on the roadways.

I am alluding to the video you can view below about a story where a Dallas police officer cited a driver for being a non-English speaker according to this video from CNN that in turn uncovered the fact that 28 or 30 other times this has occurred and while CNN would like to make it into a racial thing it's simply the police misreading the law that does apply to commercial drivers in that state and others by the way I talk or rant if you will about below

There's more on this story here at Fox News that you can read about there, and according to their report this is not being done with the graces of the Dallas PD meaning the ticketing of non commercial drivers who can't speak English,  but IT SHOULD BE the law there and everywhere as far as I'm concerned, and you can read why in what follows:

First off, I'm sorry to be so hard core about this, but I've had it up to my neck with the ravaging of our beloved American culture with newcomers of all persuasions absolutely refusing to assimilate into our country by learning and participating in our customs. And their first and foremost  offense IS ALWAYS being the PROPER usage of our language at the workplace and elsewhere which nowadays is practically non existent.

This environment is forcing we legal and hard working Americans to constantly suffer through days and nights of miserable broken English accompanied with even worse comprehension everywhere we look, turn and listen throughout our days. So therefore it's not too much of a leap to go from "if you can't speak good enough English to communicate with police in any situation without an interpreter,  than you shouldn't be driving a car at the very least, not on our roads".

And the rationale for that would be because if  one can't SPEAK English they usually can't READ it either, which means road signage and warning signs just for starters,  and that's a dangerous brew for the rest of us out there every time they start one of their vehicles which are usually uninsured as well just to make matters worse.

"Just how dangerous can it be?" you ask?

For the answer to that question, Why not ask the surviving members of Reverend Scott Willis's family here in Illinois (a real reverend by the way) how dangerous it can be when a full 18 wheel rig is manned by a driver who can't speak nor understand English as drivers warned him of an iron bumper coming off his rig at 70 mph for mile after mile on a Wisconsin Interstate.

Warning of this rather large piece of impervious metal that eventually came to rest underneath the Willis' moving SUV igniting their gas tank before they could react causing a treacherous and deadly fire that KILLED SIX OF THEIR CHILDREN AT ONCE. SIX OF THEM, AND WHY????


This was part and parcel of the Highway and license fraud that brought down lowlife Republican  governor George Ryan by the way, who was followed in office as we all now know, yet another crook and this one a democrat of course,  who's now become a professional  TV Whore by the way of all things, none other than Hot Rod Blagojevich

Thank goodness he's at least out of office,  but in all seriousness,  it  could very well be your family or mine  who next become the real victims of this major annoyance turned deadly slap in the face of all Americans in today's non stop 70 mph all the time society, so unlike the liberals would hope we all believe,  it's not a victim-less situation, we need to call an end to it, and an end to it right NOW!


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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