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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Disappointment of Chicago Rejection Not Shared By All, Including Rush And Others (audio)

You don't need me to tell you that not everyone is pissed off about the IOC flat out rejection of Chicago as the chosen city for the 2016 Olympics, with some of the dissenters shown in a piece below from the Sun Times

But first you gotta listen to the opening of the Rush Limbaugh show yesterday which got the Media matters lefties in a huff yesterday.....lol all three audio clips are from Media Matters meaning they must be good... ;>)

This is another segment of the show where Limbaugh says this about the Obama's crashing the IOC's party Friday.. ""You know, human beings are human beings, they have jealousies. This is the IOC's show, it wasn't The Obama Show. They came over there, they tried to hijack the whole thing and the IOC bitch slapped them. It's no more complicated than that.""  It's funny

This third audio clip is a hatchet composite of the right wing talkshow hosts yesterday in what sounds  (when clipped together like they are out of context here) like the hosts talking down America and celebrating the Olympic rejection, when in fact it's all of them mocking Obama getting "faced," not the fact that Chicago and by proxy America lost in the eyes of the world yesterday, or more accurately lost last November.

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Chicago 2016: "Anti-Olympics activists cheered Friday morning as the rest of the crowd at Daley Center Plaza mourned the International Olympic Committee's decision to give the 2016 Games to Rio de Janeiro instead of Chicago.

As the Rev. Jesse Jackson tried to do TV interviews, Willie J.R. Fleming shouted, 'Tell Mayor Daley and President Obama they need to come back here and come to Fenger High School"

That was the school attended by honor student Derrion Albert, beaten to death last week.

The mantra of the anti-Games activists has been that the Olympics would divert money and attention from more pressing city needs, such as efforts to improve schools and infrastructure. The Games would raise taxes and enrich the connected, they said.

As dejected Olympics supporters left Daley Center Plaza, George Blakemore shouted, "Good! Now go home and work on parking meters and schools!"

Anka Karewicz, 28, another anti-Games activist, said she hoped opponents such as herself are part of the reason Chicago lost.

Amid the unhappy faces in Washington Park on Friday, one man didn't seem too upset. The Chicago resident, who declined to give his name, said, "The only Chicago people not happy about this decision are the ones in Copenhagen."   Abdon Pallasch, Dan Rozek


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