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Friday, October 2, 2009

Well, The 2016 Bid Is Officially In...And The Winner Is....RIO.

This story got bigger throughout the day and so big the Drudge Headline evolved through the day, starting out like this at 10:50 am cst when the announcement was first made bouncing Chicago....

And then ended like this still being displayed at 4am cst

Well it's not Chicago ..........and the games have been awarded to Rio De Janeiro, the first South American city ever named for the Olympics. Congrats to the citizens and now for the rant....

I must admit I'm surprised the world said NO BAMA and went with the South American, crime and cocaine infested tourism spot that doesn't even have enough hotel rooms for the games and will use ships like they did here during Katrina....how quaintly third world....which is exactly how I wanted it....who needs all the Euro Peeons taking over my city for years.....NOT.

Even though I was mostly against the Chicago Games,  that IOC group can kiss my FAT, American, ChiTown ass as far as I'm concerned..  I felt very sad for all the non political Chicagoans who busted their asses and kissed the tails of that bribe sucking IOC committee for three lousy now wasted years all for what turns out to be nothing.

Here's the announcement of Chicago being rejected...quite a scene of major disappointment.

I don't like when America loses at anything and we got the highbrow UBER liberal IOC shaft on this one ...screw em all. They can take the Olympics and shove them up their 5 ringed asses...

Again congratulations to the people of Rio, this was a cool shot I caught (oh my Gosh, will they have to take down the world famous 100 foot Jesus depicted in the banner below to keep the liberal IOC happy?)

USATODAY.com: "CHICAGO — A huge sign hung on an office building across from the downtown civic rally in Daley Plaza Friday morning, showing the Chicago 2016 logo, a woman weightlifter and the word 'IMAGINE' in capital letters.

Imagine, indeed. The still-gathering crowd of several thousand supporters never dreamed their city's Olympic bid would end like this."An audible gasp swept through the plaza when the large-screen video boards showed Jacques Rogge, International Olympic Committee president, announce Chicago's elimination in the first round of voting for the 2016 Summer Games.

That was followed by a buzz of disbelief, as if the spectators weren't sure they heard the announcement correctly."People were confused. This wasn't supposed to happen," said Rob Gray, 40, of Chicago, who arrived at the plaza at 8:30 a.m. local time, more than three hours before the scheduled announcement of the winner.

"I felt like I was going to throw up. …. like somebody just punched me in the stomach," added three-time Olympic gold-medal winning swimmer Rowdy Gaines, who served as master of ceremonies for what was expected to be a celebration. "It was one of those feelings I haven't felt too many times in my life."  more
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I must confess I watched the entire Chicago Copenhagen presentation last night between 2 and 3am,  and will actually have to give props to all the Chicago people there who were involved in the presentation, even including the Obama's..

Should Chicago lose, It's obvious the ungrateful planet is on an Anti American binge and as far as I'm concerned they can all again kiss my ass.

They all did a great job for the most part  I have to say.....

Anyhow, The winner is scheduled to be announced in Copenhagen at 5 pm or 11:30 Chicago time...For the record I'm against the Games coming here, but should they, I along with millions of others here I'm sure will do whatever I can to help make the city and the games the best ever held anywhere.

Maybe we can convince the disgruntled people downtown to  stop killing each others for a while, who knows..at least the kids....

It's also really the first time I've heard the Obama's talk proudly and loudly about how great America is...really the first time...


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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