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Monday, September 21, 2009

Hey Moammar, Hit The Road Jack, And Don'tcha Come Back.....Capiche?

We first wrote about this back here essentially saying "shut the damn US doors on these terror loving Muslim leaders" like Ahmadinejad from Iran, and this clown deadly clown coming to the UN from time to time to hang out and cause trouble basically....

because we know damn well they never accomplish anything worthwhile in that building on the lower east side, unless we American's and our few real allies do the heavy lifting of course.

This is what I'd do with this damn place 10 minutes after being elected, were I the president for a day. Especially after the release of that terrorist by Scotland in cahoots with the Pan Am Killer president from that sandbox called Libya.

After emptying it out, I'd then bulldoze it right into the East River....matter of fact after thinking for a couple seconds, just screw it......leave the thing full, minus of course he American, British, Polish, and Australian delegations along with a few others while doing it.....

The central government of MaObama wouldn't clamp down on his Islamic buddy Mohammar, so instead, an upper east side New York Real Estate broker told him to go take a freakin hike with his wandering Mad Bedouin tent city........

...........then he layed this in Kadhaffi's lap...you'll love it!!

"They kept asking, 'What would be the price? What would be the price?' I thought about it and said, 'Why don't you send Megrahi back to Scotland, and then maybe we can work something out.' They hung up on me immediately," said Jason Haber, a broker for Prudential Douglas Elliman.

Awesome.... guy has more nad's than the Obama administration, who we know is cuddling up to the terror filled Muslim world since his inauguration. "Not this time or evermore" the people say on our soil Khadafy, at least not in New York or New Jersey, where they first set their sites for the Muslim caravan that again we blogged about here in case your unfamiliar with the background.
Get lost, Khadafy!: "Keep on moving, Moammar.

Agents for the terrorist-coddling Libyan strongman Moammar Khadafy were met with a strong-arm from a real-estate broker they approached to rent a posh Upper East Side townhouse for his visit to the city this week.

The broker, with characteristic New York chutzpah, told them to take a hike back to the desert. read more here


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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