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Monday, August 31, 2009

Off With The Burkha Baby....'Take that thing off your head'

In this story I caught this morning a young female ROTC patriot cuts loose a tiny bit on a MUSLIM IN OUR ARMY who refused to stand for the pledge of allegiance if you can even believe that sh**.

Not to mention in addition she would not recite the pledge either along with the rest of the class the young recruit kept noticing...... and to top it off wouldn't even take off her disrespectful Islamic headgear as is required whenever this event or the singing of our national anthem takes place.

And what does she get now for that act of patriotism you might be asking?

She's now in the new and improved Pentagon PC woodshed at the big headquarters, and if I were her, after this suspension she received, I would give a long, hard second thought to enlisting in an army that's nowadays more interested in diversity and placating Muslims around the world who are trying to kill us wherever they are found ... more so than they are in defending all the gung ho American patriots in their midst.... like this young and brave woman standing up for what's right and wrong.

Now we need to support her in any way we can ...

Sometimes I wonder when I see stories like this along with all the Haditha circus that took place during this war that these upstanding people volunteering for our military are far too good for the country they are choosing to defend against all enemies home and abroad.

Seemingly as many at home as anywhere else nowadays.

'Take that thing off your head': "Maybe it's because her dad served in the U.S. Marines ... or because her high school mascot is a fierce-looking eagle ... or because she plans to enlist in the Army next summer after graduation to defend her country ... whatever the reason, when Heather Lawrence saw a fellow student refuse to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and recite it with the class, the 16-year-old Junior ROTC member saw a teachable moment and took it.

And for that, she's been suspended five days.

Lawrence's troubles with administrators at Springstead High School in Spring Hill, Fla., began last Wednesday when she noticed a female Muslim student refusing to participate in the Pledge. The student was wearing a hijab, the traditional Muslim headscarf.

Later in the day, Lawrence encountered the student between periods and told her she should stand for the pledge, reported Hernando Today.

'Take that thing off your head and act like you're proud to be an American,' Lawrence told her.

Ever wonder why you keep seeing these stories of U.S. institutions advancing the cause of Islam? Get 'Islam & The End Times' on DVD. Joel Richardson probes the connections you've probably never heard.

Although the student walked away and filed no complaint, a teacher overheard Lawrence's comment and reported her to school administrators. On Friday, Lawrence was called" more here


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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