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Friday, July 3, 2009

MySpace Cyber Bully Gets Away With Murder This Time

I'm not happy to see this conviction reversed, as this woman and her daughter were directly involved in the demise of this poor, fragile Megan Meir, practically pushing her off a cyber cliff after their humiliating My Space ruse took the little bit of wind out of that poor girls sails per se leaving her so humiliated and distraught she was driven to suicide.

And now thanks to this decision her sad death will go unpunished, likely to be completely forgotten, that is until the next fat assed trailer park queen and her equally demented sibling come along and execute the same prank on another poor unsuspecting and self conscious girl.

Perhaps thinking this is a great way to treat an ex friend who you know is already having a tough enough time adjusting to becoming a young woman or man, especially without being humiliated in front of the entire planet online as this poor little girl was subjected to by these pigs who were devils who came disguised as her friends.

The worst kind of backstabbing fiend anyone could hope to never encounter in their lifetimes, however Megan wasn't so lucky

Well, I do hope you enjoy your upcoming guest spots on The Maury and Jerry Springer Shows lady, just maybe if you're really lucky they can make you and your daughter permanent guest hosts you two swines..

Los Angeles Times: "A federal judge in Los Angeles on Thursday tentatively threw out the conviction of a Missouri woman for her role in a cruel Internet hoax on a teenage girl who ended up committing suicide.

The decision by U.S. District Judge George H. Wu, which will not become final until he files a written ruling, was a blow to prosecutors who had hoped to send the message that cyber-bullying is a crime. Wu had repeatedly delayed sentencing to consider a defense motion to dismiss the entire case.

U.S. Atty. Thomas P. O'Brien, whose office prosecuted the woman, said after the decision was announced that the law needed to be strengthened."

"We call it cyber-bullying and we don't have a law to address it," he said at a news conference.

O'Brien, who was personally involved in the case, has earned a reputation for aggressive prosecutions in the nearly two years he has headed the Central District of California.

His decision to prosecute Lori Drew, 50, surprised many because the suicide and MySpace hoax that led up to it took place in Missouri, where local and federal prosecutors had decided they could find no applicable statute.

O'Brien said his office determined that the case could be prosecuted in Los Angeles because MySpace is based in Beverly Hills.

Prosecutors here invoked a criminal statute more commonly used to prosecute hackers or defendants who have improperly accessed computers for financial gain, to charge Drew for her part in setting up a MySpace account in the name of a fictitious 16-year-old boy.
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