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Friday, July 3, 2009

NYC forced to honor Islam On September 11? Have We Gone Completely Mad?

Being forced to honor ISLAM on 911 in New York City?

Of all the nerve for these fronts for terrorists known as CAIR, who have been extorting our weak kneed pc government for years have simply gotten way out of control if they think we Americans are gonna stand by and allow our country to be bullied into closing our children's schools in our Christian Judeo nation for some filthy Islamic holiday's on or about September 11.

They're damn lucky we don't go around the country blowing up Mosques to commemorate 911 since we're civilized human beings in this country, as opposed to their animals who behead their enemies, subjugate and humiliate their women and children using them for human shields in battle as cowards like they are wont to do, and generally act as if this country and the Western world owes them all something?

Well you know where they can take that crap, along with the camels and hijacked jets they rode in on, because we're not standing still for their outrageous demands any more. Footbaths here, prayer calls there, Eid al-Fitr and Ramadan there...... I say fuck that shit as enough is enough from these people as this country isn't an Islamic footrest and never will be..

And if they don't like the customs of this country as they stand, then I suggest they pack their bags and get the frick out of here before the next call to prayer in Dearborn, one major city that's already been heisted by attrition from these invading Muslims, just like they hijacked 4 airliners on 911 killing 3000 of our innocent brothers and sisters in the name of their rapist God known as Muhammad.

I say this again and again America, wake up to the invasion taking place underneath our noses as has happened to our British homeland, screw these people and their plans to Islamicize our country once and for all, as I for one of millions of other Christians in this country are damn sick of our government kissing their asses by handing them our culture and land like lambs at the slaughter, and I demand a halt to it all..... starting with this outrageous demand of theirs shown below.

NYC forced to honor Islam Sept. 11?: "Will the New York City school system be compelled to commemorate Islam on Sept. 11?

It has been widely reported the New York City Council passed a resolution Tuesday recommending the school system shut down to commemorate two of the most important Muslim holidays, however the reports did not note the holidays fall on Sept. 11 in some years.

The council vote, which was non-binding, is at odds with the opinion of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has said he is opposed to adding any more days off to the school calendar. Bloomberg, however, recently relinquished control of the school system to a newly appointed board of education, which could approve the holiday plan.

The Islamic holidays being considered for commemoration are Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr. The former commemorates the Islamic belief Abraham was willing to sacrifice Ishmail. The latter marks the end of the Islamic fast period of Ramadan. Jewish and Christian tradition relates Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son Isaac, not Ishmail." continued

Enough is enough of this and call your congressman and senators on behalf of our New York brothers and sisters and demand this ridiculous extortion from the Islamic guests in this country be halted.
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