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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Escaped pet python strangled girl, WTF Is With Some People?

My first question here was "what the hell does anyone need a 12 foot Burmese Python in their home in the first place" for?

Second question, when can we somehow come up with a parental IQ test to determine whether or not people who bring children into this world are even smart enough or capable enough of actually being in charge of the raising and development of another human being when they can't even determine a 2 year old shouldn't be in the same home with a 12 foot pytho?

As sad and terrible the man and his girlfriend partner who was the mother of the child must feel today, that's no excuse for being stupid enough to have a 12 choking python in the same household as any dependent child of any age whatsoever.

Any educated person knows damn well that a snake of that size would eat a baby if given the chance, which means it belongs in a zoo not an apartment or even a home with a 2 year old baby

Although the owner of the snake was only the boyfriend of the dead child's mother she was obviously no brain surgeon either choosing to put her precious little baby in such danger whether the thing was caged or not, it obviously wasn't good enough now was it?.

God help us all, and may this little poor little helpless angel rest in peace now in God's safe hands
Escaped pet python strangled girl

The Australian: "A 2.4-METRE pet Burmese python has escaped from a glass enclosure and strangled a two-year-old girl in her bedroom.

US media reports say the snake's owner stabbed the creature as he tried to get it off Shaunnia Hare, but she was already dead when paramedics arrived.

A 911 emergency recording reveals how a sobbing resident of the Florida home sought help.

'The baby's dead! Our stupid snake got out in the middle of the night and strangled the baby.'

Lt Bobby Caruthers of the Sumter County Sheriff's Office told The Associated Press the snake was owned by Charles Jason Darnell, 32, the boyfriend of Shaunnia's mother.

He reportedly discovered the snake was missing and then found it on the girl, who had bite marks to her head.

Mr Darnell has not been charged, but Lt Caruthers said investigators were looking into whether there was child neglect or if any other laws were broken.

The SunSentinel.com reported the python was a family pet that apparently broke free from a glass aquarium."

He is now being charged according to Fox News as he had no proper permit for the animal and will also be facing negligent homocide charges as a result.
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