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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Woman Beating Cop found guilty As Charged in bartender beating

All this guy pictured here, ex Chicago Police officer Anthony Abbate is facing for literally kicking the hell out a woman who weighed at least 200 lbs less than him is 5 lousy years minus good behavior.

This is the maximum punishment available after being found guilty of one minor aggravated battery charge at the Crook County courthouse in a one day bench trial, which means judge and no jury for those unaware of the court trial proceedings in the US court system.

For those who read my report yesterday the officer incredulously pleaded innocent of the charge along with two other minor ones dropped prior to trial by claiming the 100 lb beauty pictured to the right down below was the one beating him up, and in my book for that alone he should get 5 more years..

This is what the Prosecutor had to say about Abbate's ridiculous defense

He said that for Fleming to acquit the officer, the judge would have to concoct what Marek termed the "Anthony Abbate exception."

Marek said that exception would be, "Anybody who punches and kicks a young bartender in a public place is guilty of aggravated battery except Anthony Abbate ... Who does he think he is?"

Personally I hope this so called "man" gets his fat ass kicked around at least once a week in the prison he's headed to, to remind him what it feels like not to have that badge to hide behind while abusing the very laws he was sworn to uphold.

However, in all likelihood he'll be protected there with some kind of segregation from the general population, killers and felons who are always a foaming at the mouth bunch who I'm quite certain would love to get their hands on him and his fat ass on those popular Friday and Saturday prison date nights on Cell Block H's around the country, specially reserved for those woman beaters and child molesters in their midst.

Either way, fortunately he will never be able to disgrace the Chicago Police Department along with it's many proud, dedicated and law abiding officers who are sadly dragged through the mud far too often by the criminal actions of the few bad apples, like this scum and his behavior has undeservedly done to good cops all around the world .

Particularly with that you tube tape of him pummeling this poor and quite beautiful Russian female bartendress trying to make a living here on the internet forever and ever.

In closing, just in case you've never seen the horrific crime, (which should have been attempted murder as far as I can see) I post it yet again to show America what "aggravated battery" consists of here in illustrious Crook County Illinois. Particularly when a rogue drunk cop decides he's gonna kick the living shit out of some working woman who wouldn't serve him another drink. What a despicable lowlife.

Cop found guilty in bartender beating - Chicago Breaking News:


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