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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Watch "No Guns For Negroes" to See What Obama and Friends Truly Wish To Achieve With Gun Control Laws

To create a new modern day class of slaves, only the targets aren't just the African American's as was the goal of democrats of the past but to disarm all Americans Black, White , Green or any color to enslave us all to pay off their Utopian social programs none of want nor need.

JPFO's movie, "No Guns for Negroes" -exposes the racist history of American gun control laws. Every person who supports gun control laws must be shown this film or gun ownership will cease to exist in America.

Don't become a former gun owner because you chose not to show "No Guns for Negroes "to every one you know.

So please watch then pass around the movie, and then please go here to see and read more about the goals of the "no guns" democrats and the dangers they pose to us all during Obama's rise to become the New World Fuhrer.

The first world leader in the new world government now being established herein America, which will quickly spread across the globe once the American's are no longer free to keep the rest of the globe free from Tyranny.

In another very important note, Chicagoans will be gathering at the Jim Thompson center at the seat of the constitution breaking Chicago government who's handgun ban has resulted in a citywide gun free zone turned killing field that needs to be overturned since the US Supreme Court ruled that DC's similar ban was indeed unconstitutional in the DC V Heller case.

Click the poster if you cannot read this one for the full sized version, and if you can, set the date of Friday, June 26th from 11 to 1 pm on your calendar as the day Chicagoan's rally to fight for the return of their Second Amendment Guaranteed Right To Bear Arms at the

A right that Self Proclaimed King Richard Daley has taken away from them, and something his diabolical protege, Barack Hussein Obama, and his Sidekick in crime, Chief of Dear Leader's Staff Rhambo Emmanuel, wishes to follow suit on a national level as soon as they possibly can, in order to disarm and then return the American Sheeple back to the slave classes Abraham Abolished in the 19th century.

The time for our generation to fight to keep America free for our children is now before us so don't sit idly on the sidelines as the Obama led Neo Marxist jackboots steal your freedom's one goosestep at a time...

Thanks to friend, political ally and future Illinois congresswoman Rosanna Pulido for this information she provided me this morning...Ask her to add you to her Facebook crowd here.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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