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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shepard Smith Calls Out "More and More Frightening" Fox E-mailers To which I responded With An Email♦

I like many of you saw this Stooge over at Fox, Shemp Smith AKA Shepard Smith, who's rant yesterday as it occurred against conservative e mailer's enraged many many people ascross the blogosphere, but when I saw it I was so flippin' mad I wrote this moron an email as he was reporting in hopes he would read it on the air like the others he was bashing,

I meant to write about it then, but couldn't, until a video of the segment appeared on the net to show the basis of the email and the story for those who were likely at work when it occured at 2:30 Wednesday during the live coverage of the Fascist Leftist Jew hater who killed the brave guard standing his post at the Jewish Holocaust Museum in Washington DC.

Which obviously, the video didn't make it on the net right away, which caused me to set it aside and forget about it, until just now when I saw the video posted at my blogging buddy Mark's web site called the Snooper Report, who's name by the way I shamelessly hijacked for this blog's new name afew weeks ago, not from the the Drudge report as many probably assume although I'm sure that was likely what inspired him which doesn't really matter now does it? Drudge doesn't own the word "Report" when used in the name of a blog.

Anyways, read his post here titled Shep Smith of Fox News Is An Idiot, but in the meantime here is my email and comment I just made over at Mark's site

Nice post Mark ......This pissed me off as well which caused to fire an email during his rant against conservatives as it was occurring on air hoping he would read it like the others and simply said this:

"Smith you've now shown Americans why I refer to you on my web offering as Shemp Smith, because you are nothing more than another Stooge, only a modern day version who isn't funny and actually a dangerous tool of the left

One who shoulda been fired long ago after your offensive and biased Katrina reportage. But after this rant of yours let's hope Mr Murdoch realized the errors of his ways and sends you packing your bags to MSNBC where you belong, as the fourth Stooge of the Fifth Estate.
He didn't read it of coarse. Now here's the video in question which again inspired me to fire off the above email after about the third sentence of his annoying little tirade.....


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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