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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Letterman Lame Apology / John Zeigler With Letterman Apologist Contessa "Child Rape Jokes Are Cool" Brewer

Letterman's defense of his rape jokes are about as sincere as Barack Hussein Obama's Christian claims. He's only playing the usual liberal "CYA" routine because he now realized that these jokes belonged in the humor section of Teen Rape Monthly

Along with the realization that that he and the world know damn well he would never get away with telling such sick jokes about any liberal petri dish created children, and even in apologizing he still mocks the Palin family and middle America.

Somehow Letterman has comfortably shifted into the self serving "Rape is ok for the 18 year old who I was really joking about, so what's the big deal", although the 14 year old was the one accompanying the family at "Yank Me, Crank Me Stadium" and the one that the joke was obviously intended for. He doesn't throw these out there ad lib style, he and a group of ten liberal conservative and Palin hating writers pour over these word by word by word for hours on end

Who's he kidding, besides himself and the nasty libs in the audience who are chuckling still during the apology laughing at Letterwoman's mocking recrimination.

So for this ....Letterman always did and still can kiss my ***, as far as his worn down,20 year old juvenile comedy act, the world will be a better place when this moron retires, which will be hastened by this poor exercise of judgment without a doubt.

After this, just the latest abuse hurled at the Palin family, all conservatives should band together in making a demand for the end of the Palin family being used as the liberal spittoon and urinal by Hollywood's ankle grabbing crowd, by using our pens and wallet clout as the ultimate arbiter of whether or not her innocent children should be subjected to their moronic abuse any longer.

We're the only ones with any substantial income to be spent with advertisers during this Obama created redistribution of wealth, as we're all aware most Obama voters are sitting at home collecting ObamAide and awaiting their next stimulus check. So once we working people decide to cut off the dough spigot, these morons like Letterman and Megan Fox this past weekend should pay for their disrespect for we true Americans who pay the bills and do the gruntwork each day.

Letterman your done you prick.

Now listen to this talking MSNB sleaze bimbo as conservative documentary filmmaker John Zeigler shreds her as she fumbles ignorantly through her defense of Letterman's rape cracks, repeatedly asking what was wrong with David Lettermam joking about the Steroid Juiced, Male Whore Called A Roid Rodriguez, figuratively raping and impregnating the Palin's 14 year old daughter during the seventh inning stretch.

And of coarse, after all the hullabaloo surrounding this for these past days, Brewer sounds as if she just crawled out of either A Roid or Letterman's bedroom herself, defending both against the entirely indefensible remarks made during his anti Palin childlike rant that will cost him millions and taint what's left of his career.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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