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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Trifecta As 3rd Media Outfit Bans Hussein Eligibility Billboards, Free Speech... Where?

This comes from WND yesterday, as their campaign to inform misinformed or "head in the sand" Obama supporters has hit another roadblock as Clearchannel Outdoors becomes the third billboard advertising conglomerate to ban the WND ads that contain the simple message "where's the birth certificate"

A campaign that's badly need to educate those who still think Obama is an American natural born citizen, even after all the evidence pointing to the contrary, not to even mention his obvious campaign to "rebrand" Islam and the Muslim people since his election. That group of people who's image has been ruined by thousands of years of bloody killing, and other untold acts of violence. Of coarse the most well known and recent of these events are September 11 and Britain's 7/7 train bombings, along with the Haj Hotel attacks and other well known Muslim handiwork around the globe

If you don't believe by now after Obama's Cairo speech and Muslim Apology tour of 2009 that this man is bought and paid for by a consortium of Middle Eastern Muslim kings in this past election, than you my friend will buy anything that's packaged well enough by the also bought and paid for MSM, and their very controlled Pro Messiah messages through your I-Phone's, reality shows and American Idol commercials.

So it's no surprise that those same media people control the messages that are getting out through the billboards placed strategically throughout the American landscape, and why the three most major companies owning these message boards refuse to take our money to place this simple ad shown below that despite the mini blackout is quite familiar with most Americans thanks to the blogs and curiosity (minus the 'Clara Peller where's the beef' addition from me of coarse)

nd still, those Obamabots claim that the Certificate of Live Birth is his Birth record, yet with all the controversy surrounding this subject and the nearly 1 million dollars spent to date sealing any and every record that could prove Obama's eligibility, take these facts into account:

He has never said the document on the web was his nor acknowledged it's existence.

He has never said the document on the web came from his files or family records.

He has never said the document on the web is even accurate.

He has never said the document on the web describes his birth circumstance in any way shape or form.

Read more below from WorldNetDaily

"Officials with Clear Channel Outdoor, which calls itself the world's largest outdoor advertising company, have joined two other large billboard
providers in rejecting four simple words asking the question, 'Where's The Birth Certificate?'

Media buyers for WND have confirmed the company refused to accept a request to purchase billboard space for a campaign that is the brainchild of Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND, who believes it is essential to force Obama to produce hard evidence that he is, indeed, a 'natural born citizen' as the Constitution requires. He has called upon Americans to donate money to the campaign, which has, thus far, raised about $75,000 for the cause.

Farah maintains Obama has not proved he is constitutionally eligible to serve as president as a 'natural born citizen,' and suggests only the release of his long-form birth certificate showing the hospital of his birth, attending physician and other details can conclusively meet that test. Obama's presidential campaign released to select news organizations only what is known as a 'certification of live birth,' a document obtainable in Hawaii in 1961 by Americans actually born outside the country.

Farah confirmed the decisions by three companies not to post the billboard question, however, has not yet even dented the billboards available across America for the campaign, and the number erected will be limited only by the donations to the campaign.The WND founder said he stepped up because no one else has.

"WND's reporters have investigated this issue more extensively than the rest of the media combined – sending senior staff writer Jerome Corsi to Hawaii and Kenya in search of evidence," said Farah. "We have commissioned private investigators in Honolulu.

There is simply no persuasive evidence to affirm Obama's claim to a Hawaiian birth. There is no hospital on the island that will confirm the first black president of the United States was born there. It's all conjecture. And no controlling legal authority in this country has ever asked Obama to provide the proof."

Are you motivated yet to join the billboard campaign and clear up the air of mystery surrounding Barack Obama's constitutional eligibility to serve?

The newest billboard up in the campaign is located near the Santa Ana Freeway in Los Angeles: read more


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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