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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jimmy Z Radio Show Throws Me A Cyber High Five

If you haven't heard or seen of this man and his internet radio show, you're really missing out if you're a conservative info hound and radio junkie as I am, a hobby of sorts which came long before my passion for blogging harking back to the early days of the Rush Limbaugh show in the 80's during my high school and college decade here in Chicago and at UVA in Charlottesville VA.

I first noticed Jimmy Z by seeing his name on a few web buttons for his Blogtalkradio show, and frankly, between the giants I listen to from goal post to goal post Monday thru Friday with a personal schedule of Laura from 8-11, Rush from 11-2, Glenn Beck from 2-4 which is when his tv show comes on and then Michael Savage and a podcast of Dennis Miller through the evening hours to wind up the day there obviously isn't any time for any newcomers to the schedule.

For the most part, not to take away anything from any other Blogtalk participants, I just don't find any of the offerings out there to appealing although I'm sure there's thousands who are talented and worth a listen from time to time.

In fact I keep my laptop on the desktop tuned in to these shows while working and catching the tube out of the corner of my eye, so I can hear as much of them and their respective shows as possible while working here at home each day. And when a story or topic comes up that grabs my attention, the work gets pushed to the side momentarily as I start bangin' away on the blog to vent my opinions to my always listening blogspot home, which is frankly about the only thing that'll listen to my political rants for the most part during the workday, as most of my closest friends and clients don't really share the same passion for the internet, politics and or blogging as I do..

Anyways, I happened to catch Mr Z while both of us were engaged in quite a battle with some ObaMorons on the Obama Open Dialogue site that many of us have been doing our very best to overrun the site with facts and more facts, in order to educate the ObaMorons about their false Messiah's many many puzzling deceptions which they all deny with no basis for doing so other than outright Bush and conservative hatred.

This movement has been both encouraged and reported on at length by WorldNetDaily and anyone out there can participate by jamming up the site with Birth certificate inquiries and requests, and if choosing to do so as well, please do the entire cause a favor by being civilized and energized on the facts, and don't be drawn into ad hominum attacks as hard as that is to do when in battle with such a misguided enemy per se, which happens to be the only defense for Obama's behavior the left really has in this argument.

Calling all we detractors and patriots defending the constitution as Birther's and extremists just for starters and naming the most common printable adjectives used by the vernacularly challenged Obamabots

So, continuing on, I admired both his sharp wit armed with knowledge on the subject, along with his tenacity while being mobbed by the ObaMoron Mafia, so I looked up the show from his Nickname and gave it a listen.

I immediately enjoyed it's professional presentation and again Jimmy's knowledge of the cause so I linked up his show in the left sidebar as you can see for yourself and in return he too added a little button and also had this to say at the outset of the show, which was then put to video by another listener called Sarge who blogs at http://sgthartsock.blogspot.com/
and a third blogger Jimmy also liked and mentioned that you can visit as well at Stormin' Morning Java

In closing my recommendation to all my friends who enjoy conservative talk radio give Jimmy Z and his couple hour long daily radio show a bit of valuable time and I guarantee it'll be time well spent" fo' sho' ...yo' ."(my mocking of the rap culture)


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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