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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Iranian Policeman to protesters: 'Please, please, please go home!' While Obama Has Ice Cream....

What this policeman in Iran featured in the story excerpt below was really be saying these protesters is "I don't want to get beaten by the Revolutionary Guardsman for not beating you, so beat it"...

.Sad thing is many of them probably wish to be as free from the 5th century Mullah tyranny as much as the student protesters and just about everyone under 40 in that country.

As do most of us Americans in this country it seems, except for Reality Show Star Hussein Obama, who spent Saturday wasting our taxpayer money dragging a 17 government vehicle motorcade into Alexandria VA all for some frozen custard with the kids, meanwhile Iran burns, North Korea has Nukes floating around in the Asian Ocean, 100 billion dollars worth of US Bonds recovered in Italy..

This was a stunt for the media and all the lefties to chime in with their "he''s such a good father" crud and nothing more. The opulence and ignorance this man has displayed with our money in this time of economic despair is so misguided and offensive I can't believe with judgment like this he is our president even this long.

Any normal thinking person in his position would quietly go to the nearest ice cream shop unannounced and slip in and out, but not the media made narcissist circus clown named Obama. We've now seen 3 televised lunches with Scranton Joe, a Broadway show for 300 g's and this sideshow, what's next? All in 6 months.

Someone please dig up Ronald Reagan. I’d take a dead leader with balls any day of the week over this Muslim camp counselor who wants all the cool kids to like him.

Policeman to protesters: 'Please, please, please go home!'

CNN.com: "TEHRAN, Iran (CNN) -- In at least one incident Saturday, police wavered in their resolve to break up demonstrators who had turned out to protest last week's election results, a witness told CNN.
Police were not always on the offensive, and sometimes fell back during confrontations, one reporter said.

Police were not always on the offensive, and sometimes fell back during confrontations, one reporter said.

'The commander was shouting at the protesters,' said Roger Cohen, a columnist for the New York Times, who came upon perhaps a dozen police who had faced off against a number of demonstrators at about 5 p.m.

'The commander was shouting at the protesters, one of whom had thrown a rock at him,' Cohen said. 'What he was saying was, 'I have a family, I have children, I have a wife and I don't want to beat you so please, please, please go home.''

In other cases, Cohen said, he saw other police units 'just standing around.'

He said the most violent groups appeared to be the elite black-clad riot police and the plainclothes Basiji militia, whom he saw 'beating protesters, including women, with sticks, with truncheons. I saw women staggering off the main street clutching their faces. I saw a young man who had been hit with what he said was a baton with an electricity shock.'" continued


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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