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Monday, May 4, 2009

Someone Else Had A Great Last 100 Days ...Bush Library Raises $100 Million Quicker Than His Predecessors

Geez, I thought this guy was too hated throughout the world for such an endeavor, even by his so called supporters, according to most MSM recollections, which are of coarse the last place anyone with any sense would turn to for any semblance of the truth in today's world of lies, propaganda and deceit in the MSM.

Backers of the president have raised over $100 mil for the soon to be built library that will be situated on the campus of SMU, otherwise known as Southern Methodist University in Dallas Texas, where the president and and first LADY Laura Bush have now taken up residence since the White House was turned into Equal Opportunity housing in January

This brisk pace of fundraising, which began the afternoon of January 20th, is moving at an unprecedented clip surpassing Ronald Reagan, his father Bush Sr and most recently the slithering Slick Willie Clinton, whom we all know traded everything from presidential pardons to nuclear favors for Chinese donors to HIS library well before leaving office.

Scandal which caused a considerable delay in his reaching this milestone by the way that the media will surely pick apart in any fashion they can or see fit.

Foundation president Mark Langdale said the names of the contributors will not be released because most donors prefer to remain anonymous, thanks to the threats most would likely receive throughout the left wingnut blogosphere for such donations, which also kept Langdale from releasing an exact total.

However other sources according to a Time Mag article on the subject reported commitments totaling more than a third of the $300 million projected for the George W. Bush Presidential Center, which will house a museum as well as a research institute that will be built on a 25-acre parcel of SMU.

screenshot of Bush Library Website

Along with writing his memoirs — something Bush has also begun in recent months — financing and building a uniquely developed presidential library has been the initial focus of nearly every president who left the White House since Harry Truman.

The historical pace of Bush's fundraising has been all the more remarkable for taking place during a period of economic downturn along with a falsely reported widespread hatred among Americans for this who I happen to believe will be remembered as a great president when compared to his ridiculous predecessor who will in turn go down as an abject failure when all is said and done in 2012 and thereafter.

Groundbreaking for the library is set for November of next year; organizers hope to dedicate and open the doors in early 2013.


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