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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pfizer Says "Let There Be Hard On's in Hard Times"

Just a little rant here .......

Here's something society sure cannot go without, we certainly must make it a priority that those out there who lose their health coverage are still able to bump fuzzies on the drug company's dime and that of the ill who pay their bills like myself as they make billions and billions hand over fist?

"So what" that so many people dying of cancer or suffering MS, ALS, etc etc cannot afford the designer therapies and drugs that I take that cost $2500 a month that Phizer and other companies offer and are left out of their free drug programs because we're not on welfare, or any of the other drugs citizens who are ill can't afford because they lost they're health insurance during these so called "trying times".

Times of which that our great grandparents laff at as we all sit here with our 52 inch LCD's and hopped up home computers, (the only country with fat poor people) seeing they sat in soup lines or starved to death while watching their friends, family members and colleagues jump out 20 story windows on Wall Street during the Great Depression.

Something that this not so unusual economic downturn was not until the damn government got involved since the Democrats were the ones that caused it all in the first place by forcing the banks to give homes to the undeserving folks without the means to support the homes they were given, no matter how despairing the media wishes to portray it, we are not suffering through the second coming of the depression.

It's nothing more than the Obama administration making the best of a bad situation as Rham Emmanuel and others have opined time and time again by saying "don't let a good crisis go to waste".

We can't live without a boner pill for a couple of months now can we?

I certainly hope in conjunction with this little publicity stunt they're providing free prophylactics, so these Obama economic casualties don't create more problems for themselves and us by impregnating their partners (the non homosexual recipients that is) right smack dab in the midst of "one of the worst economic times in modern history" according to Obama, to plan on raising a kid or 2, or even 8 like the pathetic 'Octo Mom"God forbid with no foreseeable income on the horizon, thanks to their free Viagra maintenance, no?

Just a thought or two on this publicity stunt, which many in government and publicity seeking pharmaceutical corporations who liberals hate by the way ...(that is when they're not the beneficiary of their kindness) don't seem to do so often nowadays.

Free Lipitor, Viagra, other drugs for jobless:

My Way News - "TRENTON, N.J. (AP) - Pfizer Inc. says it will provide 70 of its most widely prescribed prescription drugs - including Lipitor and Viagra - for free to people who have lost their jobs and health insurance.

The world's biggest drugmaker said Thursday it will give away the medicines for up to a year to Americans who lost jobs since Jan. 1 and have been on the Pfizer drug for three months or more.

The announcement comes amid massive job losses caused by the recession and a campaign in Washington to rein in health care costs and extend coverage. The move could earn Pfizer some goodwill in that debate after long being a target of critics of drug industry prices and sales practices.

The program also likely will help keep those patients loyal to Pfizer brands."
And the truth comes out doesn't it?


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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