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Friday, May 29, 2009

Meet The Chicago Bus Driver Of The Week..
"Gunman shot after hijacking school bus"

How'd you like this to be your child's school bus driver as a local wackjob hijacked a school bus, the hired driver mind you, not some hijacker off the street, the man hired by this school bus compamny to drive young children to school everyday. My kind of town Chicago is.....not.....

This actually took place in an outlying suburb of the city called South Holland south of Chicago as seen in this Google Map I made.

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Gunman shot after hijacking school bus - Chicago Breaking News: "A driver with 'attitude issues' hijacked a school bus in south suburban South Holland and led police on a chase, ramming at least one police car and other vehicles before he was shot in an exchange of gunfire with officers in Glenwood, according to officials.

The school bus was not carrying any children but a monitor was on board and she apparently was not hurt, a company spokeswoman said. People in the cars were injured, one law enforcement source said, but no details were available.

The incident began around 8 a.m. when a disgruntled driver for the bus company showed up with 'attitude issues' with a manager and was told he would not be allowed to drive today, the bus company said."The incident began around 8 a.m. when a disgruntled driver for the bus company showed up with "attitude issues" with a manager and was told he would not be allowed to drive today, the bus company said.

He took off anyway and the chase ended about 40 minutes later as the driver and police traded gunfire, the source said.
The bus company said it called police and also notified parents not to let their children board the bus should it stop to pick them up.

The owner of a nearby restaurant was on the roof around 8:30 a.m. when he heard brakes squeal and saw a bus swerve into a residential driveway on Main Street near Glenwood-Chicago Heights Road.

The bus almost hit the home, and he then heard two or three shots. As the witness moved to a different part of the roof, he said about 9 or 10 police cars arrived. He heard several more shots and saw members of a road construction crew running away, he said.

"There was a young man on the bus -- I believe he was a young man. He had a gun and started firing and police shot at him and apprehended him," the man said.

The bus normally carries special needs students for a consortium of south suburban school districts and was operated by First Student Inc., a Cincinnati-based company.

The man who took the bus had been a driver for the company since March and drove off this morning from the company's South Holland bus yard after an argument with a manager, company spokeswoman Nicol Jones said. She believed the police chase started in Riverdale.

There were no children on board, but a female monitor was on the bus, Jones said. The monitor was not injured but was reported shaken up taken to a local hospital for observation, Jones said.

The driver had cleared criminal and other background checks, Jones said.

This brings to mind this guy who was a hired bus driver that was just last week taped screwing around on his cell phone, texting, not paying attention, putting all the riders lives in danger:
  1. Peter Pan Bus Driver breaks federal & state laws while driving


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