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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Chicago Community Organizers Demand King Of Organizer's (Obama), fight slayings here...
Ray says "Good Luck!"

On this Mothers Day there are at least a hundred dead kids who have been killed in Chicago with crying mothers who are all sad beyond sad so far this year, right in Barack Obama's own famous world renowned Tony Rezco financed back yard literally. So what do you think he and his illustrious tribe of Chicago cronies including King Daley himself did about it when he was here, or are doing about it now giving Obama this undeserved reputation of major accomplishments?

He didn't do a damn thing about the slayings in his own backyard when he was a part time state senator earlier in his short 10 year career in politics, and we all know far too well that he spent the entirety of his election to the Senator's seat at the federal level running for president so he could save the world, instead of finishing what people elected him to do here.

What a country, get one job so you can get paid to campaign to get the job a step above where you're presently at.

Only in Politics.

As I posted weeks ago, the murders in Obama's own backyard just this year literally exceed the amount of Illinois soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan in SEVEN YEARS!! Yet the country elected this fraud and all his Chicago cronies to run the entire country and thus the world, regardless of the mountain of failure these people have to show for their blind ambition left in their wake during their supposed "Community Organizer " days back home in Chicago and the surrounding areas effected by the killings as well..

Now the people who's children are dying by the hundreds in Obama's Rezco purchased show home backyard are demanding Obama take some action from Washington. They being the "new community organizers" taking Obama's place back home enriching their own lives at their community's expense just like the King of Organizing himself, who are now doing the job he abandoned for his own ambition who are waking up to what I've been railing about since day one with this so called savior of the world.

That being that he didn't accomplish a damn thing for the community when he was "here" as that vaunted and mostly mocked community organizer then on to Illinois part time senator in Springfield other than to keep assuring as he was elected to one post so he could then run for the next one up the road, never accomplishing anything along the way. NOTHING!

So one thing these poor city folks down surrounding Obama's south side millionaire enclave known as the Kenwood neighborhood where my own brother happens to live 5 houses down can be assured of, he sure the hell isn't gonna fix this mess he, Axelrod and Emmanuel left back here in their rear view mirrors, folks. Are you kidding me?

That's so yesterday man, come on! It's bigger and better things for the Obama man and his Chicago crew we warned the world about for two long years before he was elected mistakenly as America's so called savior.

What do you expect, he's out saving the world now, and the only thing that can save us from him is GOD at this point, which means Chicago is the last thing on his mind while partying down as the new beloved brother in town on the DC Capitol Hill Scene.

By the way, See some fine pictures from the district in which Obama hails from to see what a great job he did there and his friends in government are now doing which allowed Obama to become the president of the US.. (hat tip local malcontent)

Here is one of those New Obama's holding the very map I used above in the photoshop which is run in the Chicago paper Red Eye weekly, mapping the Chicago Murders taking place while King's Daley and Obama get rewarded for doing a shitty job both here and now in Washington over and over again.

So in today's paper on Mothers Day we found this article that inspired my post above......
Activists urge Obama to fight slayings here ::

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: 44: Barack Obama: "Kids are dying in President Obama's backyard, and he needs to do something about it.

That's what a Chicago activist group demanded Saturday as it called attention to the close proximity to the president's home of many of the murders of Chicago Public Schools students this year.

Against a map showing three-fourths of the 36 student slayings this year were within eight miles of Obama's mansion, the Black Star Project said Obama can no longer sit back and do nothing.

'He should not only be concerned as president, he should be concerned as a resident of this community,' Black Star executive director Phillip Jackson said at the group's South Side headquarters.

Obama, Black Star members say, needs to address Chicago's rising student deaths as a national priority by providing his hometown with the political and financial muscle to stem the violence.

Jackson called for a $20 billion "trickle-up" federal investment, which he said could support the anti-violence efforts of frustrated community organizations, summer jobs for youth and other community measures.

The group said Obama should make anti-violence efforts in his hometown a model for the entire nation.

Jackson noted that since the United States went to war in Afghanistan and Iraq, Chicago has lost far more children than soldiers.

"We're asking [Obama] to do the same thing for this community that he's doing for Iraq," he said. "Our children would be safer in Iraq than they are a few blocks from his house."


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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