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Friday, May 29, 2009

Chicago Bulls' Derrick Rose In Grade Changing Investigation With NCAA

It looks as though solid proof of special treatment for the NBA 2009 Rookie of the Year player reaches all the way back to a Chicago High school Simeon Careers Academy, which is a perennial basketball powerhouse that Rose attended which ultimately paved the way through Memphis State then leading to his number one draft choice in last year's NBA draft.

Maybe Simeon should change their name to the Simeon NBA basketball Mill?, winning Public League titles in 1985 and 1988, and mentoring such future NBA players like Deon Thomas, Nick Anderson. and Bobby Simmons, not to mention Ben Wilson, (who was killed on the eve of his senior year opener here in Chicago in a nationally publicized murder in 1984)...more than any other American high school I would bet good money.

They then went on to win two consecutive state titles in 2006 and 2007 behind the heroics of Derrick Rose, the player in question with the release of the NCAA charges. How much were Simeon and Rose paid for this little ad I wonder if at all?

In all fairness, the man's father was also in the NBA and his brother a star as well who was a college coach and Rose's closest adviser so he is a great player without a doubt and probably would have floated to the top regardless but one never knows. More on that in a minute.

This in turn paved the way for the dramatic improvement of the Chicago Bulls this past season, thus pushing them further into the playoffs they've been in quite some time since the departure of Michael Jordan for good some years ago. Great for the fans of this game but what about all the students who couldn't slam dunk a basketball to try and make 20 million dollars over a few years' time? Not as good for them coming out of that school I can tell you as a Chicagoan.

In addition to the alleged scholastic cheating along the way, the NCAA is claiming the player in question apparently received a little seed money upon his arrival in Memphis, being "provided with $2,260 in extra benefits to a relative during the 2007-08 season, reported by multiple sources to be Reggie Rose, Derrick Rose's brother, former AAU coach and closest adviser" according to the Tribune article below.

Times this by 500 and you will probably begin to just scratch the surface of the seedy "inner city neighborhoods to the Pro's" connections throughout the country, and then begin to more understand why every kid in the ghetto either want's to be an NBA star, NFL star or a rapper. Who could blame them? But what happens to most who don't make it? You know the answer to that question I'm sure.

chicagotribune.com: "A year ago, Derrick Rose became the No. 1 overall pick in the NBA draft, selected by his hometown Bulls and eventually dazzling enough onlookers to be rated the top rookie in his class.

His ability and promise remain an immutable truth for the present and future. It's Rose's past, though, that is becoming a bit more clouded.

A Chicago Public Schools source said Thursday that a grade on Rose's high school transcript was changed from a D to a C by someone at Simeon Career Academy in the final semester of his senior year.

On Wednesday reports surfaced in Memphis that the NCAA is investigating an allegedly fraudulent SAT score of a Memphis basketball player from the 2007-08 Final Four team, reportedly Rose."continued

The Sun Times' Rick Telander has a great article in the same vein of my commentary above you can read it as well if you wish..
Derrick Rose and the ripple effect : Rick Telander: "Let's say you're of the cynical, entertain-me-now school of fandom.

You don't care a wit that young Bulls star Derrick Rose has been implicated as the beneficiary of some serious academic cheating at both his alma maters -- Simeon High School and the University of Memphis." continued


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