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Friday, May 8, 2009

Chicago Blackhawks beat Vancouver Canucks In OT, Series Squared At 2

Hawks turn series into a best of three by snatching victory from the jaws of defeat from the Canucks in an overtime win last night.

Chicago Blackhawks showed survival instinct in beating Vancouver Canucks -- chicagotribune.com: "Perhaps it was a sense of urgency -- Blackhawks fans seemed to sense that if Game 4 got away from them, they might not see this team they have come to love and support so vociferously again this season.

Such was the danger of heading off the Vancouver facing a 3-1 deficit in the Stanley Cup Western Conference semifinal.

But the Hawks didn't let it happen, rallying for a desperate 2-1 overtime victory Thursday night that squared their series with the Canucks at two games apiece.

And the United Center throng of 22,682 broke its own record for noise."


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  1. Hi Ray, I don't know if you heard or not, but I've decided to hang up my Keyboard. Yep, I'm calling it quits. So, I just wanted to drop by and say so long to you my GOOD friend.
    Stay well and safe and keep punching.

    See you around one day

    Your buddy DD2

  2. Hey Allen I did, I wish that weren't the case but this fight can get old and there's more to life than this shit for sure. Do Stop by my friend please and keep my email handy

    I'll send you my home stuff in case your ever out this way or just feel like bitching and chattin,,

    Been a force man, and thanks for being a friend dude :>)Best of luck and wishes

  3. I'm tellin you.... Wings and Blackhawks... we won last night too!!!

  4. That would be great no doubt, Wings are auotmatic, lets see if the Hawks can manage to squeek through, the hockey people here will trip out for sure


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