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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Census GPS-tagging your home's front door

new government employee,
the ACORN GPS Plot/Census taker

Interesting theories and some would say conspiracy theories abound and surround the Obama Slight of hand traveling circus, of coarse the leader in that realm would have to be the Obama Kenyan birth situation that I would probably consider a conspiracy theory if it wasn't true.

I mean for starters his own grandmother claims to have been present for the birth so who do I believe, his grandma or factcheck.org that may as well be called factcheck.dem as far as I'm concerned. We've posted ad nauseum in regards to that still ongoing issue, and you can refresh your memory about with those by clicking here and you can also read about the latest Obama team delay tactic used in the case

But this post is about another theory gaining speed around the net, and this happens to be another one that is true and therefore only a conspiracy theory for those Americans out there who don't have a problem with the Obama administration working hand in hand with ACORN, who was just allocated the GNP of most South American countries in the Porkulus bill, going door to door across the country GPS tagging the coordinates of every single private residence in the land.

I don't know about you all out there, but I can only think of one or two legit reasons for this being done, but can come up with about 1000 nefarious ones to do so, and this article I caught yesterday explains quite a few of them and is worth the 15 minutes to read and pass along to your friends and neighbors, in order to see if they too are concerned about this obvious invasion of privacy.

I first read about this a few weeks ago at a blog I read from time to time called CrossAction News, and you can go there to read what was originally said in the blogosphere about this situation, then come back to read what WND is saying about it this Wednesday Morning.

Census GPS-tagging your home's front door:

According to an online Yahoo program, the Global Position System coordinates for the White House, probably one of the best-known publicly-owned buildings in the world, are 38.898590 Latitude and -77.035971 Longitude. And since you know that, it's no big deal for the White House to know the coordinates for your front door, is it?

Some people think it is, and are upset over an army of some 140,000 workers hired in part with a $700 million taxpayer-funded contract to collect those GPS readings for every front door in the nation.

The data collection presented as being in preparation for the 2010 Census, is pinpointing with computer accuracy the locations and has raised considerable concern from privacy advocates who have questioned why the information is needed. They also are more than a little worried over what could be done with that information.

Enhancing those concerns is the recent decision in the Obama administration to have White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel in an oversight role over the census, which will control a reapportionment of congressional seats and could be used to solidify to a stranglehold a single political party's control over the nation, its budget, military and future.

Commerce Secretary Gary Locke recently told the Washington Post: "The census director reports to me, and, of course, I serve at the pleasure of the president." He added the White House told him "it has no interest in politicizing [the census]."

But at American Daily Review, blogger Douglas Gibbs had more than a few doubts.

"GPS coordinates of your front door will make it easier for the government to monitor you," he said. "The U.S. Census Bureau is simply an excuse – a harmless looking means of obtaining the front door coordinates. The creation of GPS coordinates for front doors has nothing to do with the census, in all honesty, no matter how much the United States government tries to convince you that it does."

He recalled wondering why, just weeks ago, the Obama administration announced its oversight of the census, "literally taking control of the census away from the Commerce Department."

He put that together with Obama's longtime push for national service.

"The Obamites, thirsty to serve their new messianic figure, have lost enough of their objectivity to be willingly recruited into such an insidious program like gaining these coordinates for the U.S. government. … I ask again, what would be the purpose of shooting the GPS coordinates of American doorways?" he wrote.

The answer he provided was alarming. (Story continues here)"
More on this subject here at CNS News

Criminal Charges against ACORN Raise Concerns About Its Partnership with Census Bureau


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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