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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Beck's ACORN Beatdown Show From Wednesday

A new thing I will be doing every Sunday as a week-ender mini recap of the best of Glenn Beck that week, I'm reposting this video clip from earlier in the week that people are still talking about and should be.....

This show in one hour touched on every facet of fraud that the Obama administration has jacked the country for in 4 short months, in essence more money in it's total than was spent during the first 230 years of our existence all put together (which I still can't believe hasn't caused the torching of the Capitol Building) starting with the Auto Union Fraud And Bailout which we, the people, got royally fk'ed on more than anyone with a 60 character calculator can still fathom.

Even after being promised by Obama and friends over and over that a full payback of taxpayer funds after these record bailouts plus profits would be forthcoming ..........AAAAAAAAAAAAAA Suckers!!! We lose..(videos pt 1-2 of 7 total for this program).

So back to the post, a good portion of the show was spent talking about ACORN and included this mealy mouthed moron named Scott Levenson, who anyone that watches Fox knows is the tool of the left wing voter fraud generating organization who got schooled and beatdown like the dog he is by Beck in this show, mostly for lying his sad ass off from the first second he opened his mouth.

As a finale while he was being verbally slapped silly while filibustering the entire interview , he goes off stage in a liberal tantrum and pulls the dem's favorite card out from the bottom of their decks, that infamous and notoriously overused "Platinum Obama Race Card" shown below in case you've never actually seen one (lol)

After that, Levenson became a you tube laughing stock and the snip of the show can be seen again here if you missed it or want a good laugh today, however the entire hour can be watched at my Youtube Beck Channel if you're interested. (this is part 3 of 7, which are focused on the ACORN momo Levenson and the aftermath of this part)

Here's Levenson getting another smackdown last October, that one from John Fund, WSJ writer who knows everything there is to know about ACORN fraud as told by former ACORN leaders called the ACORN 8 who themselves appeared on Beck's show on Friday as a result of this encounter, and he has written a book about it titled "Stealing elections", a good book I read after the election .Stealing Elections, Revised and Updated: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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