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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What's The Next Step...Obama in Playgirl... for Charity?

Why not, this is one step before it. I'm not sure a world leader is supposed to be this months cover stud like Fabio, maybe he can change his name too while he's at it. Oh yea, he's already done that 4 or 5 times, I forgot he once was a Muslim....(so has he in public)

See the ObamaMorons in full Obamagasms over at the Huffpo piece on this moronic mag cover

This is pathetic and to me as an American embarrassing as well, I mean who gives a damn what he looks like at the beach except the tired old housewives tired of their flabby husbands and the gay followers of Obama who will get some exercise over this intrusive picture. If this man had any humility whatsoever he would demand this picture to not have been used.

look closely

However we now know Obama is sucked in to this Celebrityitis and now drinks his own kool aid just like his pathetic followers, those who most certainly woulda been goosestepping alongside Hitler in the '40's mostly "because he was so good looking". Quite pathetic to say the least


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. I'm glad I ate breakfast before I saw this.

  2. Pretty frickin lame. The left wing blogs are jizzing all over their Weakies this morning blathering on about how cut he is and healthy blah...pretty healthy looking for a crack and cig smoker, that much is true.

  3. Does he shave his chest? Eeeew!

  4. Oh my, what have we become in this country... Our US Presidents keep their clothes on period..How disgusting and you are correct, embarrassing.

  5. It sure looks like he does PT, to me he's a girly man from head to toe not that I go around judging what men look like but I do know what a real one looks like when I see one and with him I dont see one/


  6. Sharon he's such a narcissist I bet he stands in front of the mirrors at home and blows himself kisses, he's one of those kind of people who talks about himself all the time.

    Everything is about him and only him, everyone knows one of these people, and deep down you can't stand them but are polite and just nod your head in mock agreement,,,,aaarrgghhh.


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