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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tough Guy Pirate Cries Like The Wussie He Is At First Hearing

All these tough guy, Jihad loving Muslims are all so "bad" on their recruiting tapes with their heads wrapped in "Terror Towels" worn mostly to hide their identities, or in these staged news clips as they profess their hatred for the West and how Allah is their motivating force calling them to jihad against the Great Satan and all that other crap they regularly spew.

Real Tough Guys, who also often call themselves "Holy Warriors" to whoever will listen to them at the moment, usually someone being forced to is usually the case.

Right up until the part when they all of a sudden have to pay a piper of some sort for their misdeeds and terrorist activities that is. The latest one being this last remaining Somalian pirate whom I prefer to call a terrorist from last weeks Mearsk Alabama waterjacking that resulted in the heroics of a real man they all could take some tips on courage from.

One Captain Richard Phillips who when faced with death and uncertainty few ever encounter surely didn't do while recklessly being held hostage while delivering food and relief supplies to these ungrateful African masses what this little teenage tough guy did when he made his first appearance in a New York courtroom today....

Cry like a little girl..

One sad thing however is that however badly he may feel now, I'm quite certain he'll find that once on the inside, the life provided to him in just about any prison here in the US will be a luxury resort compared to the Somalian hellhole from which he came..Just like these terrorists in Gitmo who went from the battlefields of so called Jihad to a Caribbean resort better than the caves and huts they lived in while in medieval Afghanistan that liberals make better and better for them each day by the way.

Anyhow, this is how the New York Post is reporting his little court date went today while finding out he's to be tried and treated like an adult by the court system .....


New York Post: "The sole survivor of a pirate attack on an American ship cried in a lower Manhattan courtroom today as a dispute erupted over whether or not he is a juvenile.

The issue over the suspect's age - later determined to be 18 - will ensure that the case will be open to the public.

Manhattan Federal Court Judge Andrew Peck - over objections from reporters crowded into the small courtroom - ordered the hearing closed to the public."continued


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. What has he got to be so worried about. Obama is soft on the Islamic terrorists. He has a fetish for hanging out with the bad guys. I bet they are doing doobies before all of this is over.

  2. Possible Clay...But, being an African he and Obama are probably related, in fact he could even be one of Obama's lost half brothers since his father was such a whore who romped on anything that came down the pike in between high balls and martini's.


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