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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Obama's Gitmo Mistakes Will Later Be Titled "The Anatomy of an Attack"

Obama and his minions have now overridden advice to not release these dangerous Gitmo Terrorists inside the US for the second time, so it's now up to Americans to make sure the only place these killers are allowed to roam should be inside the borders of Washington DC and given apartments right there on Capital Hill since they're so non threatening.

Think that'll happen? Of coarse not yet their are reports that this indeed will be the case with some Chinese terrorists that may be released as soon as next week.

So it's quite obvious at this point Obama thinks he knows best while making the second most dangerous appeasement move since number one by Neville Chamberlain in 1940, his being bullied by the left loons of the world that knows Obama will do anything to maintain his popularity, including putting us in danger with the releasing of these terrorists on US soil because not a single country calling for their liberation will take more than one 0f them other than France accepting the only one I speak of.

The Brits have somewhat offered help, except of which to release them there would be as dangerous as throwing them right back into Tora Bora Afghanistan, right where they found them, so they can get right back to work right where they left off.

And that of coarse would be the planning of their next attacks on the US and it's interests around the world.

So again, it's only fitting the lawmakers approving this boneheaded move be the ones to take the entire risk of their release and move them all right into DC, already the most dangerous city in the country anyways, so what's the difference?

They'll fit right in there without the bat of an eye.

BREAKING: - Congress Briefed on Uighur Release

HUMAN EVENTS:"Moving quickly to release Chinese Uighur terrorists into the United States, Obama administration officials have -- for the second time -- overridden objections of federal agencies responsible for national security.

The first time -- as I reported on April 20 -- the White House overrode the inter-agency panel it created from all the national security agencies to review all the cases of the Guantanamo Bay prisoners. That panel found that the seventeen Uighurs -- members of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement captured at an al-Queda training camp in Pakistan -- were too dangerous to release in the United States.

Now -- according to a federal agency source who requested anonymity -- the White House has also overridden opposition to the release from both the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security."Beginning yesterday and continuing today, Obama administration officials are briefing key members of Congress on the release, which may happen as early as next week.

There apparently has been no decision on where the Uighurs will be turned loose. Earlier reports suggested they could be released in Alexandria, Virginia or Washington, D.C.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. I just can't figure any logical reason for his actions. Is he insane or just stupid. Why donen't he listen to his own experts, I just don't get it. Make me understand Ray..

  2. If that is what he wants, then how about American Patriots forming a posse and go round them up and give them a People's trial and see what develops?

  3. Soldier I cry for our military men and women being neutered by this moron just as occurred under Clinton's reign of left wing terror.

    Truthfully Rev I'm all for making their lives unlivable in this country just as I am all for doing the same for all the illegals, but their left wing gatekeepers come in with the racist attacks that are hard to fight off sometimes...

  4. Grandpa-old soldier... I cannot understand either, I hate the thought of another attack. National Security is a huge issue for me.

    Ray, tough loss tonight for the Hawks... Maybe, just maybe....... Wings and Hawks? what a great series that would be heh?

  5. Yea they lost it but the Bulls came through to live another night. I haven't watched a game since Michael retired and won't turn em on until they get to the finals if they manage to knock off Boston in game 7

    Yea, a detroit/chicago stanley would be a real throwback classic, and a boon for the NHL..

    I would probably have to make a few of those as my little brother has a skybox there at the UC. I only go to good concerts or the top games nowadays. Used to have seasons there in the early 90's/ Being crippled makes it rough but once I get there it's fine.


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