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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Janet..uh.. Napolitano.. uh.. Press.. Uh.. Conference.. Uhhh This Afternoon ...

Listening to Janet Napolitano and Barack Obama talk are like listening to kids with stuttering problems, similar to the annoying habit people today have of using these common stall phrases like you know, I went to the store like yesterday ya know? Like it was really hot ya know, like if uh it gets any hotter, uh I don't know what I'm gonna do ya know?

They really need to seek some professional speech assistance with their constant use of filler words or crutch words, repetitions, prolongations, as listening to these people talk for even 2 minutes is just abominable for these people who are supposedly so more fluent and educated than the conservatives they endlessly mock and ridicule.

Just listen to these two minutes if you can even bear to from this afternoon's press conference with empty headed Napolitano and try to count the uh, and ah's that come out of her mouth:

Listening to that 30 minute presser this afternoon, I almost took a hammer to my tv listening to these people talk, all three of them really were nearly intolerable for so called educated people.

Even George Bush didn't fumble and bumble through a speech like this woman did this afternoon, and like Barack Obama does every single time he has to think and speak on the fly..Here's an old example of his stumble bumble impression that even Letterman made fun of early on before climbing on Obama's Hope Bus:

And what about this bumbling boob of a spokesperson who's yet another stumbling deadhead who makes Scott McClellan look like Shakespeare. Could you imagine the press ripping this guy to shreds if the Republicans pushed him out in front of the press every day?

I call him Forrest Gibbs and here he is on Sept 11th Redux from last week as he bumbles through a simple question like Forrest Gump

These are the people in charge of conveying the democratic message every day, damn morons from the top down..


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. What were the people of Arizona thinking when they elected her?

  2. exactly the point sir, they weren't....


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