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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chicago Tea Party April 15, 2009

Brought to us by Jake Jacobson and the Bald Chick AKA Chicago bloggers known as Freedom Folks and the Blogs for Borders creators. This is their chronicle of the trip down to the city and the Tea Party Protests.

Interesting interviews better than any MSM coverage anywhere.

This one was from Sacramento Ca:

See many more video's here on today's protests, meanwhile.......

Glen beck with Ted Nugent providing the soundtrack at the Alamo.

Here he plays a killer version of the Star Spangled Banner

Now look at the MSNBsleaze *&^% heads and their report on this thing yesterday using the childish and disparaging phrase "Tea Baggers" all over their channel of scum for days now ....which for those unfamiliar with the term is used in many variations mostly in the urban and liberal sex dominated culture particularly of the homo variety about 20 times in just this moronic Keith Olbermann-like 2 minute diatribe by the dickless wonder David Schuster who wasted 50 grand on Journalism school to learn to be a jagoff.

Anne Coulter's WND column
this evening covers this quite well..

In addition this so called News Anchor David Schuster also says the following about the American people protesting by using a tasteless sexually related double entendre in conjunction with the above phrase utilizing former Senator Dick Armey as the punchline in a childish sex driven two fer

" If You're Planning Tea Bagging Across The Country, 'You're Going To Need A Dick Armey'."

I'll tell you this, You'd need a freaking 2 foot dildo to beat back this moronic pudwacker who's obsession with gay sex is sure something he doesn't leave behind for his pervert filled audiences.

"CNN reporter: Tea party 'not really family viewing' "

Then there was this CNN Obama shill back here in Chicago who's only angle here is to ply anger and discourse any way she can manage to portray these people in the worst light possible, and all she really ends up doing is making herself look like another Obama streetwalker interested in gathering nothing but confirmation of her preconceived liberal worldview, and all else is alien in her twisted world


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Ray, I can't believe what a bitch Susan Rosen is and then she transfered her negative energy on the protesters. What an evil woman this skank Susan Rosen is.

    By the way, why are all these liberal professional women so ugly with their manly hair cuts? It's like a trade mark for them--Hillary, Janet Napolitano, Granholm of Michigan, Rosen of CNN--all miserable women with short hair cuts.

  2. Couldn't a said it better myself Clay.. she is a real Tramp

  3. Susan Rosen needs to be fired immediately from her job as a CNN Reporter. Not only was very unprofessiona, she was a very evil person, and had no right to directly attack a man with the young child. She most likely scared the heck of that young child by just seeing his father being attacked by this evil woman. She caused a major diruption to the huge crowd in Chicago. If CNN cares at all about their reputation, they will do the right thing and have her terminated.

  4. Great points Mary... thanks.

    "She caused a major disruption to the huge crowd in Chicago."

    That may I say as a longtime Chicagoan is no easy feat, as it takes one special Moron to stand out amongst the crowd of morons that can make up the crowds here on any given day as in any other liberal overrun metropolis.


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