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Saturday, April 11, 2009

After This Is Over We Need To Travel High Seas And Take Out These Pirate Ships Next

First thing I'm sick of the media using the romantic term "Pirates" for these Muslims when they're nothing but water terrorists who steal boats food and anything else they can manage like carjackers on the high seas where they like the land version have been treated like a mere nuisance.

Now it's time to turn the tables and use the lack of laws and their own lawlessness in our favor to take the bull by the horns and start wiping these water terrorists off the water while the world's attention is on these filthy bums who live on the water and yet are still unwashed filth

With all the satellite imagery we have available to us it should be no problem to park one over the skies of the seas surrounding Africa, and then bring in the Air Force weapons and bombers as well as our Naval attack vessels and start plucking these little sand monkey manned floating madrass's like rowboats without oars on a river.

Just look at this Motley crew of lowlife sea faring Muhammad's manned with rpg's and ak's, I bet they can't even swim, not a single one of them....

You're gonna tell me they're any match for this

Gimme a break.

In fact the destroyer on the right called the "US Bainbridge" is presently on it's way to this little Mogadishu standoff, so my question here is why not use these morons as live targets for Naval training purposes, and give our men at sea some old fashioned sea borne fun playing "Wack A Muslim" like our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan woulda had completed 5 years ago if the liberals would let them unleash, only this is the water version.

First send up the recon drones and U2's, locate these ragtag Muslim bathtubs and destroy these pirates in a couple of weeks if not months, and then charge the Euro trasher's and other dickless wonders in that hemisphere for doing yet another job they won't do right in their own screwed up back yards. You do notice none of this crap happens in the vicinity of our country where they would last about 1 afternoon before being decimated?

Just like the freeloading the Muslims and Europeans are allowed to get away in the UN and NATO while we pay and police their backyards eliminating the land lubber Muslims doing the same crap they're doing here in this standoff except on the land.

Again look at these morons.

I can' t believe we don't have a weapon that can be fired from Obama's bedroom that can't pinpoint these Muslim's and pick them off from a satellite with a laser beam

Now they've taken to standing off with our Navy as if on the open seas they would survive for more than two minutes with their ridiculous pirate ships right out of the 1600's. This is just another example of how and why Muslims around the world create 90% of the planet's armed conflicts and the time has come for an all out war against these medieval trouble makers on land and sea, everywhere they cause the world grief.

U.S. navy eyeballs Somali pirates in hostage standoff

| Markets | Markets News | Reuters: "MOGADISHU, April 11 (Reuters) - Somali elders sought to mediate on Saturday between the U.S. navy and pirates holding an American hostage in a high-seas standoff that presents President Barack Obama with a nasty new dilemma.

Four pirates adrift in a lifeboat far out in the Indian Ocean with Richard Phillips, the 53-year-old American captain of a cargo ship they tried to seize on Wednesday, have demanded $2 million for his release and a guarantee of their own safety.

With three U.S. warships in the area, the elders and relatives of the pirates holding Phillips, a father-of-two from rural Vermont, are planning a mediation mission to try to avoid bloodshed, a regional maritime group said.

'They are just looking to arrange safe passage for the pirates, no ransom,' group coordinator Andrew Mwangura said.

French special forces stormed a yacht held by pirates elsewhere in the lawless stretch of the Indian Ocean on Friday in an assault that killed one hostage, but freed four.

Two pirates were killed and three captured.

On Saturday pirates seized another vessel, a U.S.-owned, Italian-flagged tugboat with 10 Italians among its 16-member crew, NATO alliance officials on a warship in the region said." continued


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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