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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sub Prime Tsunami Real Culprits Skating, Frank Dodd And Raines Are Criminals

They've created almost 99% of the problems we are facing today and the biggest reason they rejoice at the Obama election to the presidency is the fact that they can run this misdirection play on the American people because the man in the White House doesn't know shi*from Cheyenne about the inner workings of their scam and they are using him and his political capital as cover for their criminal culpability in the Fannie Freddie Fiasco.

The Fox isn't guarding the henhouse the Fox owns the henhouse and is feasting on fried chicken and all the eggs he can handle

The proof of their coverups and misdeeds right up to the dog and pony hearings they put on for cover a month ago in Washington lay all over the net and all one needs to do is visit almost any conservative blog to find it. Usually it can be heard in the easy to digest form of their own words and actions, like this video below sent our way from Texas Fred that in addition to the 15 or so you can find on my YouTube channel, particularly this one,

These are all the evidence any worthwhile prosecutor would need to secure the death penalty for high treason in the cases of Barney Fag Frank, Chris Don't Call Me Countrywide Dodd and Franklin Only In America Raines. America needs to wake up now and demand the prosecution of these bums who keep scapegoating George Bush and his administration who sounded the warning bells all along the way and here's proof of that...


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. I have been blogging about Dodd and Franks involvement it the Freddie and Fannie mess, but Obama was deeply involved also while he was still in the Senate, because it was his pet, A.C.O.R.N that helped to push and lobby Congress into pressuring Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG and others into making all those unsecured mortgage loans, even to illegal immigrants, whom they knew could not and would not repay them.

    And one of the reasons that Barney Fag helped to block any legislation that would have prevented the mess, was because while it was going on, he was playing "pack the fudge", "hide the salami" and "I'll clean your knob if you clean mine" during his homosexual love affair with one of the high ups a Fannie Mae.

  2. Yes I wrote about his little affair with his buddies at Fannie Packer last fall and there's so much corruption in this scandal it's hard to keep including every detail with each subsequent post that arises.

    This 1/4 man needs to be gragged in front of a jury and sent to prison to await execution fro High Treason along with about 75 other democrats Rev and until we get some real conservatives elected they'll skate free.

    Obama's supposed days as a senator were in name only and all the legislation with his name on it is fraud as he was never even in Washington to place the votes on these things and was done to pad his record when in actuality he only spent 100 days in the town before embarking on Obama's excellent presidential adventure.

    Fraud all the way down the line

  3. Lets not forget who got the most money for their campaigns from Fannie and Freddie to. Dodd, Frank, and of course we can't forget to mention that bucking ofama! Yes, he got a bundle from them. Also, don't forget who the lawyer was that sued Citi because they weren't writing enough shit loans to for Chicago slums, yup, you guessed it, the halfrican! That asshole is in way over his head, both in that he has no clue what to do now that he stole the Presidency and also as in being a large part of the cause of all this crap.

  4. Yea, as I said I get tired of enumerating each and every crook in the democratic party that got their hands washed in this scandal after about 35 posts on the blog about this crap...

    And I've never been more convinced the republicans got rich too because they sure don't make much noise up on the hill about this crap now do they,?

    These crooks in both parties need to be run out of Washington and then executed one by one in the town square to show what will happen to the next batch to pull this crap ever again;...


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