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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Muslim Hate Group Gets Christian TV Show Axed

Not in a Muslim dominated country by the way, but the good old USA down in Florida where some spineless CBS station execs bowed to Allah and bent over like good little Dhimmis.when confronted by a Islamic political pressure group which many consider a hate group, me included.

This occurred when that conniving law twisting terror front group CAIR simply fired off a couple of letters and complaints demanding the show be pulled off the air because they didn't like it!!

First of all this station should have it's license pulled for discrimination against Christians if the show's stars claims are true, or at the very least the people in charge of that place who made this decision should be forced to move to Saudi or Quatar to work for Al Jezeera. That is if they ever want to work again in the television business and never in this country on our publicly owned airwaves.

I'm not a bible thumping Christian by any means but a believer, a catholic upbringing but not devout, however this is still America the last time I checked and this TV evangelist has every right to b on the airwaves as anybody else and should the content be too Christian for the Muslims in this country I suggest they pack their caravans and head back to the motherland of sand where they will be much more comfortable with their television programming I'm sure.

What in the world is going on in this left wing ankle grabbing segment of our population that is so scared of these animals? It's either fight back or be crushed by Islam, and these people prefer to bend over and be crushed it certainly seems. So it appears we real Americans just have to fight twice as hard to make up for their complacent appeasement in order to save our country from these Christian and American hating camel lovers.

Go to CAIRwatch
for more of the latest goings-on with that Islamic hate group by the way.

Christian TV show out, Muslim pressure group blamed:

WorldNetDaily: "A CBS television station in Tampa, Fla., has announced it is taking the ongoing 'Live Prayer with Bill Keller' program, on the airwaves since 2003, off after the local chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations complained of the religious views Keller expressed."

CAIR-Tampa issued a statement that "WTOG-TV (CS44) dropped 'Live Prayer' after the station and its parent company CBS received a letter from and had discussions with the Islamic civil rights and advocacy group."

"It's clear what happened. CAIR pressured CBS in New York to take us off. I have always dealt with the issues of the day from a biblical worldview on my program," Keller told WND. "[The Bible] calls Islam a false religion. They took great offense. CBS caved." continued here


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken

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