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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Canceled: On second thought, Florida church won't burn Qurans / WAIT..now he will again.....

UPDATED 10 pm CST IMAM PLAYS TAQUIYYA WITH REVEREND JONES who explains how he was outright lied to by the Muslim cleric down in Florida in the video below.....

Now he's come back and said since he was lied to, by of course a Muslim, which they do ALL THE TIME now he's reconsidering.

------This was the original post below here:---------

Well I won't back down, you can stand me up in the gates of hell, but I'll stand my ground, well I won't back down.
.... Tom Petty

This is what's supposedly gone down:

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The anti-Muslim leader of a tiny Florida church backed off his threat to burn the Quran, defusing an international firestorm Thursday after he said he was promised that a planned Islamic center and mosque would be moved away from New York's ground zero. The imam planning the center, however, quickly denied such a deal. video

This man below looks pretty rational doesn't he? (In the 10th century perhaps)

Well Pastor Jones DID back down just like I said he would here and why not? (My post btw was quoted in the BBC and I was invited onto their morning radio show as a result you can read there, I couldn't do it though...)

The Pastor doesn't have to hang his head in shame for being provocative.

After all, he already proved one of his points as the Muslim radicals quickly headed down to their local flag depot and purchased the obligatory 'western flag collection' (very popular in the Middle east) and burned THEM in response to a Koran burning that won't take place.

They also burned a nice little effigy of him a couple days ago. Elsewhere, hundreds of angry Afghans burned an American flag and chanted "Death to the Christians" to protest the planned burning of Islam's holiest text.

After all, it's a Religion of peace ya know. ;)

More like animals just looking for reasons to cause mayhem and unrest, that's what he was trying to say along with warning that if indeed he 'did' give in, what's next? And he was right on both counts.

Islam is bullying the west through PC and white guilt to instill their culture without lifting a sword or finger to really do it. Typical bullies frankly.

Daily Herald : "GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- The leader of a small Florida church that espouses anti-Islam philosophy says he is canceling plans to burn copies of the Quran on Sept. 11.

Pastor Terry Jones said Thursday that he decided to cancel his protest because the leader of a planned Islamic Center near ground zero has agreed to move its controversial location. The agreement couldn't be immediately confirmed.

Jones' plans to burn Islam's holiest text Saturday sparked an international outcry.

President Barack Obama, the top U.S. general in Afghanistan and several Christian leaders had urged Jones to reconsider his plans. They said his actions would endanger U.S. soldiers and provide a strong recruitment tool for Islamic extremists. Jones' protest also drew criticism from religious and political leaders from across the Muslim world.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. You know, right up until the muslims, in this country, started burning the flag in responce to something that never took place, I was not all for burning the Quran on 9-11.
    Well, I changed my mind, and as soon as I did that, this Rev backs down.
    I say, all of us bloggers need to burn the Quran (virtually) on our blogs come this Saturday.
    Thats whats happening over on APDP..... And you should have gone on the air at the BBC, I would have. 8-)   ;)  

  2. I knew he wouldn't and that's fine with me as I said he made his point on the violent animals.

    I didn't go on as they emailed me 3 hours before and I didn't get the thing as was at a Dr's appointment when it came.  I may not have anyways, as I didn't know the show and I don't go on shows where they're gonna use you as the right wing radical straw man, even though the quote was used in a good way

    I did talk to the chick when I got back and perhaps next time the topic comes up she'll call.

  3. There's more disrespect around the world and this country for God and Christianity and Judaism since I've been alive and frankly I'm so sick and tired of Islam and Muslims I just can't stand it anymore.

    They're one percent of the damn population and every day there's a new Islamic issue we're dealing with. What the hell does that say? It's time to shut the borders to Muslims. Period. they're obvious goal is to quietly and without war take over the country and they say as much each freaking day!!!

    I can't take the stupidity anymore, I've  been fighting these dumb asses online since the beginning of internet time and I can't take anymore.

  4. You know I wrote a thing at the beginning of it saying it was dumb, it was quoted on BBC's website and I've changed my mind too. I'm almost at the point where we should instigate an all out war against these people. I'm sick of their bullshit frankly, I can't take it anymore and I really get pissed off on 911.

  5. <span>I'm hearing you Ray. I nearly had a coronary last night over the sights and sounds of those radicals burning and stomping on the US flag, both here and abroad when this Quran burning has not even taken place.</span>
    <span>I am feed up with them wanting US to be understanding and respectful, but they, along with this NY Imam, will not be understanding and respectful in return.</span>
    <span>I am tired of this country having to give, give, give, all the time and get NOTHING in return.</span>
    <span>That’s our leadership in Washington, and HE is the real culprit who has brought animosity to this issue.</span>
    <span>I am DONE with being "understanding"</span>
    <span>They want a holy war, then I say, bring it on. I AM READY!.... thanks for letting me rant.  </span>

  6. I wish more would vent here, that's what it's here for.  It's the only thing that keeps me from lighting up a neighborhood or two with all the shit surrounding us today in this once great state and country. It sickens me to no end. You're exactly right We take it in the ass from the entire globe and yet they cry on all fours whenever they can't help themselves.

    How many of these back assward EURO PEEON countries are here helping our people when trouble arises. ZERO disaster after disaster. Of course there's always the reliable few but that's it. I'm sick of all the liberals and Muslims being such a drag on the nation and globe for that matter/

    You want world peace eliminate freaking ISLAM and make Christianity the law of the land like it was when America was America the melting pot, not this third world spittooon it's become. :'( >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o


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