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Friday, September 10, 2010

September Eleven Eve Number Nine

Tomorrow yet another year passes by since that September morning that changed many of our lives forever, and those of us who choose to 'move on' but never forgive and never forget will spend the day reflecting and honoring their involuntary sacrifices that God awful day.

The video below shows pictures of the very people I think of every single day when I think of 911..........the poor 'jumpers'. When I think of that, I try to think of the ways I'd like to see their tragic ends avenged before I die. cont....

Click the red annotation thing to take the disclaimer off above btw

Here's more of those THEY show the horror of September Eleven more than anything, to this American other than the planes themselves hitting the buildings.

"Can't Cry Hard Enough - 9/11 Tribute that Millions Cried to"

........A promise I made that day and keep through today and onward until the one day the scourge of Islam is eradicated from this earth God willing. I'll never rest comfortably as long as that death cult is practicing around the world, as they spend their very existence trying to eradicate us.

I've done quite a bit digitally as well as annual September 11 writing tributes over the years and I've gotten in the habit of relinking them the day before since it's going on 6 years of this for me, and this is some of my best ones in my opinion:

You can see my finest writing in my opinion over the years I've been doing this on this blog in my 2996 Tribute in 2006 here.

It was written about a gentle man named Eddie Dillard who perished on Flight 77 into the Pentagon while his American Airlines employed wife watched it all unfold on TV like the rest of us knowing her wonderful husband and great father was on the flight that morning .

Please do read it if you haven't before, I'm quite proud of it.


This was a tribute I made on September 10th 2003 that is featured in a couple different 911 Archival collections compiled after 911, which was sold to or is a shill for art.com, who is now profiting off of it and many others by selling prints of many they collected along the way it seems, to be frank about it...(which is fine with me I guess)

I can't find the hi res version.... sorry.

It was also in featured in a couple other tributes, including this one which is my favorite use of it, it comes at the 1:10 mark but the entire youtube tribute is really good.... and years later me and the gentleman who made it still communicate often.......

Keep scrolling for more September 11 commentary and remembrances from me, your Islamic terrorist hating host and tomorrow I'll make the blog dark in memory of the 2996 souls lost that day and the countless others scarred forever by those 19 fucking Muslims I'll never forget til the day I die and the day we administer sufficient revenge in their names.

Here's another(fullsized) I did the following year (2004) as well..

Now for this on 'the Counter version" of that tragic day;

I will say this on that day, in that the 'only questions' I have about 911 is the seemingly 'missing' contents of the buildings. I don't know about you, but just my personal junk fills up a freaking semi. I have trouble imagining all 200 floors of SHIT 'pulverizing itself ' on the 'way down'.

But, then I say to myself "this has never happened either" so we don't reallyknow what happened to the thousands of yards of carpet, office chairs, computers and so on...it's a tough call, but I know my little brother worked at Merrill Lynch until 2000 in New York, moved back to Chicago in 2001, was in the buildings 3 days before and went to 12 funerals, not to mention our countless hours of conversations on the subject since we 'grew up' in New York, I tend to believe the official version.

Then again, computers and carpet are early indestructible by their very nature. Almost more so than steel if you've ever tried for the hell of it to destroy one completely.

This is an interesting radio interview I've listened to on that side of the fence that you can explore for yourself compiled over the years btw..I always listen to BOTH sides of every argument and this one included. You can't be FULLY informed otherwise. The Let's Roll Community Forums.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Very touching tribute Ray. God bless these many souls and all who survived and must go on.

    I just watched the Fox Timeline. After that, I do think everything was incinerated and/or pulverized and broken in pieces. I did notice that papers were everywhere on the streets for blocks around. Whatever made it out of the windows and blew with the wind survived. I might be wrong but those collapses were so powerful. 

    You have so much wonderful information here. I'll be back tomorrow to read more. I'm out for the night :)

  2. Intended to say that the video of those jumping is actually comforting with the angles escorting them down. That's the way I wlll think of those horrifying pics in the future. i don't want to ever forget them, as awful as it is to see or think of.

  3. Never forget, Never forgive!

  4. Thanks Margie and as I always respond this is the very least I can manage to remember to never forget. :(

  5. Like I say to many today,, I like to switch it to Never forgive because that way you know damn well you'll never forget.

    Either way I wish I were king, I'd nuke the middle east and be done with it letting Allah sort em out.

    Finally Peace on earth and goodwill towards men one Islam is removed from the equation.  Not a minute before. :(

  6. That's funny you say that Maggie because the person who made it obviosly took alot of crap for compiling it as you could see from the narrative that you can turn off ....

    I have all these nine eleven photos on my Screensaver on my laptop which I have on all the time, like a changing art piece kind of across my den office area which I see every day.. I literally think of all these people every minute of every day along with the most loved and lost of my family over the years.

    Especially since we grew up within site of the towers being built as 3rd and 4th graders in Mahwah and Upper Saddle River New Jersey.

    You could see them right from our back yard thereafter, once they were half done .

  7. Yea as I said in my post the first things I said to my mother who that day I spent much time on the phone with because Brent my brother was missing and had left New York that morning for Chicago and was in the towers the preceding friday. He worked at Merril Lynch right out of college and then went back to get his MBA and knew many many people there and at Cantor Fitzgerald and he was so overcome with it all he went to 12 funerals and that was all he could handle.

    I know much about this subject and my only doubts are the missing debris as I started to say above and rambled on  I said to my mom "where is all the shit in those buildings?" 

    I said it over and over for the whole time the pile was being cleared.

    I couldn't understand how body parts could survive but thousands of computers and hundreds of thousands of miles of wiring just melted and turned to dust?  Then again, we've never seen a full building collapse 100 stories high,  so the perhaps probably and as you said, obviously the heat generated was unlike anything we can imagine and no one really knows.

    I'm not saying I buy the Alex Jones version at all, it's just really amazing how lucky those freaking Muslims got that day in their demented way of thinking. they really hit the jackpot and we know they had no clue the buildings would fall. They hoped they would tip over but not what happened.

    No one did.  That whole month was brutal and finally my brother turned up later on 911 nite in Tulsa OK so we didn't know until then if he was even alive. It was pretty tense and lots of family freakage. We were the lucky ones. That day really changed me forever not to be melodramatic but it did and since then I've been crippled until recently as you know and so I studied that shit and blogged about it all like no ones' business when at my sickest.

    I didn't even think I would be alive ten years after in those following months frankly. :( but here I am and still feels fresh and as miserable as it did at times when immersed in it on 911 as I usually do each year.

    I use it to mourn everyone I we've lost along the journey.


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