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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Told you so.....McCain Reacts to Obama's Iraq Address

Told you folks 'it (Obama's speech) would suck' and 'why' in my previous post today. ;)

This evening, a bit after the Obama speech in his new digs we foot the bill for, John McCain laid out HIS reasons "it sucked" on the Sean Hannity show, which were damn good ones in their own right and well enough for me, although whenever the man speaks now, I sadly can only look at him as 'the only man in US politics' who could lose to this snake Obama.

McCain Reacts to Obama's Iraq Address :

"September 1, 2010

Arizona senator's scathing response to president ending combat operations

As I said this morning, we all knew all we could expect nothing more than the same old shit different day from Obama on his now slide into the abyss as one of if not the very worst 'wartime' president in US History for some of the reasons I laid out before.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. McCain hit the nail on the head.  Obama's speech fell flat. Obama didn't give Bush credit for the success of Iraq (gee, no surprise there) nor did he admit that he was wrong to oppose the surge (haven't seen him admitting that he was wrong about anything yet).  The man is an empty suit.  He is a narcissist and he ticks me off to no end.

  2. I was stunned to see the American flag behind him...

  3. Hi Ray, you called it.  I knew obummer would lie his butt off, so I didn't watch, for once.
    You deserve a medal is you sat thru it w/out puking!

  4. I actually watch everything here all the time, I'm just one of those information junkies. I have Fox on the television when possible at work or at home and a number of connected computers all through the house so I'm hardwired to this shit ... ;)

    I'm trying to'cut back' actually lol  Thanks

  5. I think it's mandatory though no? They Make him do that. Just like they made him start wearing the American flag as if that means shit to him if you need to be told to do it..

    Our granparents used to wear lapel flags always. THis ant America crap has to stop!

  6. He's there for another term and we'll see the Arabic Flags without a doubt, it'll look like the UN behind him instead ;)

  7. Too bad McCain threw the election by not attacking Obama like he had the opportunity to do huh Teresa!!

    And now these dolts are gonna re elect him again ? I was  disappointed Hayworth didn't win. If he didn't make that commercial he would have probably..  :(

    I love McCain for all he's done for us..... but it's time for the old folks home for him, and 'kicked to the curb'  for his daughter... who I hate. lol


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