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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Here they go again.. | Not So Fast: Rape probe against 'WikiLeaker' reopened

They pinned this treasonous loon a couple weeks ago and then let him walk, probably so they could follow him around and see what messes he 'all of a sudden' started trying to 'clean up' and perhaps they 'found' what they needed, and like in many cases, he probably 'led them' right to 'it' thinking he was 'home free' when the 'cut him loose' before.

"Suspicion of sexual coercion and sexual molestation" sounds like pretty serious 'shit' to me, and this 'man' frankly has always raised my suspicions on his sexual attitude and orientation alone, and lets just 'leave it at that'.

OK then, I won't..lol....In other words, in this man's opinion, a man like him would HAVE TO molest someone to get 'SOME'. The picture provided here tells the 'story' as far as I'm concerned on that issue..lol.

It looks like a pic ones "mom" would pose you for when you were 9. Ya know? And that hairdo speaks 'volumes'. If there was a pic like this of me out there I'd make sure it was 'burned' long before it made the global internet.

Let's not even mention what I think should be done with him for his 'treason against the west' on his WIKILEAKING.

Rape probe against WikiLeaks founder reopened - Yahoo! News: "STOCKHOLM – A senior Swedish prosecutor reopened a rape investigation against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Wednesday, the latest twist to a puzzling case in which prosecutors of different ranks have overruled each other.

Assange has denied the allegations and suggested they are part of a smear campaign by opponents of WikiLeaks — an online whistle-blower that has angered Washington by publishing thousands of leaked documents about U.S. military activities in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The case was dismissed last week by Eva Finne, chief prosecutor in Stockholm, who overruled a lower-ranked prosecutor and said there was no reason to suspect that Assange, an Australian citizen, had raped a Swedish woman who had reported him to police.

The woman's lawyer appealed the decision. Director of Public Prosecution Marianne Ny decided to reopen the case Wednesday, saying new information had come in on Tuesday.'We went through all the case material again, including what came in, and that's when I made my decision,' to reopen the case, Ny told The Associated Press by phone.

She declined to say what new information she had received or whether Assange, who was questioned by investigators on Monday, would be arrested.

An arrest warrant issued Aug. 20 was withdrawn within 24 hours amid the back-and-forth between prosecutors.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. This guy should have been behind bars a long time ago. The military info he spread might not have gotten out to our enemy...Hope he gets... whats coming to him in prison.

    Ray, FYI http://www.raisetherepublic.com/ (Conservative Mag for Illinois)  8-)

  2. Perhaps we're looking at him all wrong and he WANTS to go to prison, it's getting too hard to find dates now for him since he began to betray the west in where he happens to reside. He may just love it there. ;)


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