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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering The Victims of September Eleven, Not The Muslim's Hijacking 911 In 2010

Most certainly NOT the inconsiderate, selfish Muslims trying to 'jack, whomever they can for the most moolah to either move or sell this "Community Victory Mosque", a MUSLIM only facility within rocket propelled grenade distance of the scene of the Islamic crime committed that day.

We've all seen their RPG proficiency on the west bank, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and elsewhere so they have a 'clean shot' at the new facility when it's done in the next lifetime God willing at the pace it's been. People laugh when I say that and I say to them "keep on laughing all the way to the prayer rug" dhimmi....

The most brutal of crime taking the lives of 2996 or thereabouts innocent New Yorkers and other 'friendlies' all trying to 'earn that pay' done in the name of Allah, as we all know too well by 19 Muslim hijackers using our own airliners as missiles against our own people on our own freaking real estate and government icons.

No, these provocative Muslim agitators trying to build this thing aren't the victims like they wish to portray themselves as, with our 'off the wall' media more than happy to comply with their 'death cult' agenda I might add. They do so because they both have 'much' in common as they two cults parallel a society of 'tyranny and hell on earth' eventually one way or the other.

chicago ray September eleven 2010 tribute photoshop

No, they're no 'victims' .......It's these people....and as far as I'm concerned they're twisting the knife in their graves with this recent agitation of the American people. Or should I say the 'latest' agitation from that demanding and aloof community.

Not on our watch MuhammObama Inc..

Rest in peace.
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The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Well stated Ray, Never Forget, Never Surrender as neither is an option.

  2. <p>I sit here and ponder the pat 9 years. Still 9 years later I find myself with tears in my eyes and outrage in my heart.
    </p><p>I can never forget the sites of that day. They are etched in my mind.
    </p><p>Does it control my life. NO.
    </p><p>Thats where radical Islam failed on what they orchestrated on 9-11-01.
    </p><p>Will I support this country's military continue mission to eradicate them.
    </p><p>You can bet the farm on it!!!
    </p><p>God help the survivors of the victims.
    </p><p>God help our warriors in the theater.
    </p><p>God Bless those Americans who died on 9/11 and die in battle of our enemies.
    </p><p>God bless the USA!

  3. Nice tome there Mark which I agree with entirely.

    I too don't let the sorrow dominate my thoughts .....but sometimes the plotting of revenge does,  and that's where this blogging can be thereaputic in many ways. It's literally helped me out of a wheelchair and also kept me from killing some dumb fuckers ;) ....... the 'chair part is the God honest truth.

    I just promised myself that day that I'd help get the scum who did this to our countrymen, and somehow and someday perhaps I'll be able to keep it in a physical sense,  but in the meantime the heartfelt  remembrances are all I can manage.  :(

  4. That's my saying to everyone all week.....never forgive. When you don't forgive you'll never forget.

    Thanks Christopher

    ...that's just how I deal with things like this. People say 'carrying that negative energy is bad', I disagree, as I channeled the anger along with other things to help MAKE me walk again,  because I vowed to work my ass off to the maximum limits to get out of this freaking world of being sick so I can help protect this place again along with the people I love,  when I couldn't for nearly a decade for some God forsaken reason. I got sick almost a year before nine eleven and just now I'm almost better.

    What a lost decade.

    I think of those people lost on that day every damn day, I really do.... and the Muslims who did it almost every freaking  minute . Everytime I see one which is every day since my across the street neighbors are full dress Muslims. I hate em and they know it.

    The hatred I feel towards them is reserved in the deepest and darkest part of my brain and existence held exclusively for scum and terrorists.

  5. Thanks Curt and thanks for your service to the country and the memory of the people killed that day. Many say "Iraq had nothing to do with it" and I say bullshit they didn't.  When you're killing rats you don't distinguish the good from the bad so whichever's in view gets eradicated>

    The middle east is the same way. The only place worth saving is Israel

    that's why GOD made it that way and gave the Muslims the shittiest land on planet earth.

    He didn't know we would someday figure out how to use the oil he couldn't figure out how to get rid of himself! lol  :)

  6. Yes indeed we will Margie :(

    . Others, mostly liberals would love to see these remembrances disappearing just as the Muslims would and I say to do that denies the history so the people in the future know when Muslims are around you need to use the eyes in the back of your head at all times. Sneaky bastards, know people are finally realizing it's part and parcel of the Muslim religion to lie their asses off at us day in and day out in order to subvert our culture using some of our dumbest laws against us for their gain just like they used the jets as missiles that day against 3000 new yorkers and western civilization. :(

    The next one WILL BE an American city vaporized with an Ahmadinejad supplied nuke contracted out to some radical terrorist delivered to the east coast with a North Korean Sub.

    bet on it. Unless we vaporize them first God help us.

  7. Thats OK, Ray. Your sprit and determination is well received by me and millions of other Americans. Our men and woman who are out there in the theater of engagement are doing so for us here at home.  And they know we are waging the political, morel and 'right'eousness battle on the home front.
    Proud to stand/sit shoulder to shoulder with you, bro!!  :)

  8. Ray, I missed this Saturday, what a beautiful post!  Your photo is beautiful and a lovely tribute.  It was a sad weekend for us all.  At least we are getting some good news now.

  9. Thanks Bunni....I've taken the week off to contemplate the blogging future here in light of my unexpected health turnaround and we'll see what happens from there just to let you 'in my loop' per se so if you don't see me here for a while you know what's up dear..Alrighty :)

    thanks for the kind words and that day effected me and as you said all of us and I with each year actually become more sad and pissed than anything, our country has 'let down' the memory of these people by kissing  Islam's ass. I won't and that's why I hate to all out 'quit' blogging, it's a great way to let off that steam without going to jail...  ;)

  10. Ray, sorry it took me so long to comment on this. Life has been kinda crazy with work, and my attending the rally in D.C as well as other things.

    This is both a lovely and an excellent post!!  It is unconsionable that these dhimmis want to allow these Muslim extremists to build a victory mosque where 3000 innocents were murdered by other Muslim extremists. 

    That is a beautiful picture in remembrance of September 11th.

  11. I've read your post over quite a few times and think this is a wonderful "tribute" to 9-11.  I'm missing your writing this week Ray.  You have opened many eyes to the world events including mine and I thank you for that.  8-)

  12. Thanks and sorry....I just need a break from this stuff, it's non stop for 5 years now. This is literally the first time I've not posted for a day much less a week.

    I dare you to pick a date going back to 2005 on this blog and there's a post.  I think it even goes a little further back than that. The blog I had before this one was called right wing ruminations and I did that one from 2001 to 2004 Took a year off and came back with this one and that's it for now.

    Maybe after the elections, if we pull em out I might start again but if the dems win and Obama can stay on the loose I'm packing my bags and getting the hell outta here.  ;)

  13. Thanks teresa and don't be alarmed when you don't see me posting for a stretch.. We're taking a break from all this for a while as you can see from the commenting through now...I just need a break, I'm all Obama'd out for now. If the tea party can pull out the elections I'll start again or otherwise this country is cooked and we'll be fighting for our freedoms for real in the trenches of reality...


  14. I can hardly wait to see what changes will happen in November! 

  15. Ray, you have been one of the first freedom fighters, I commend you for your longevity and persistence.  This stuff does wear on a person, I don't know how you did it.  Have a nice rest and I await your victory for our side post on Nov. 3, 2010.  God Bless You, my friend.  :*

  16. I hope your health setback isn't too bad.  Take care of yourself and look out for #1!
    I hear ya on that last sentence. ;)

  17. I agree w/ YOU Ray, Anger is a very powerful motivator.  During my "hard knocks" life, I've found it to be the BEST motivator around.


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