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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Glenn Beck Restoring Honor Draws Nearly Half a Million Patriots Today!

Million man march my ass! If this was that, then there were 4 million at the
'Beck - Palin -Bachmann Overdrive' weekend in DC::

This shot above was the so called 'million man march'.... so you be the judge.....
looks like about three or four of those to me below...
just the side crowd on the left beats the snot out of the Million man march..lol

UPDATE: Pic taken from atop the Washington Monument, that's about 700,000 people folks. Can't fit many more people there although the idea wasn't to 'outdo' that anyhow.

Here's one of the same totally EMPTY btw

IT was to CELEBRATE it unlike the left tried to 'convey' with their lies and 'fraudulent' framing of the event today, which obviously didn't work to keep people away, now did it?

Just like their lies and treasonous reporting won't effect election day in 3 months when Congress is told "YOUR ASSES ARE FIRED" and then Obama shortly thereafter we pray and promise.

Here's a pic of the King "I have a dream" Speech / Rally some 48 years ago today in 1963:

In comparison, sources who were actually 'there' say that there were about 500-1000 Sharpton peeps 'celebrating' King's speech at his 'alternate' rally.

In fact, here's a shot of him 'working up the crowd' there during his anti /blame whitey rants ;)

Original post follows, and btw there wasn't a single solitary arrest the entire afternoon, which likely makes this the most peaceful rally of this size ever since it's always been liberals who've congregated in such numbers and we know what they do at their rallies.

On Facebook for those of us not going to DC today, and is actually starting now. CSPAN will be replaying the rally or what have you this evening sometime so check their website or http://facebook.com/cspan

Looks like there's about 200 000 people there, quite a showing indeed.

Both sides of the reflecting pool / mall are full of people ! That's nice to see and I sure do wish I could have been there with all the peaceful yet pissed off Americans. Real Americans who put America first.

Beck walking up to make his first opening speech

Sarah Palin at the inception of her speech....
Glenn Beck - Current Events & Politics - Restoring Honor now streaming LIVE!: "Yes, 8/28 will be broadcast live on Facebook. We want as many people as possible to have the chance to view this event which is why it will be streamed FREE. Checkout our Facebook page on 8/28 to watch this event LIVE! Remember 10a ET. If you can’t be in Washington DC, join us on Facebook to watch it live here


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. It's a beautiful thing, Ray!  I am so proud of all these Patriots.  Very inspiring.
    I can only imagine the libturds just wetting themselves.  I'm sure they will lie and say 200 people attended!  LOL.
    Enjoy your day.  I guess I'll be glued to my computer screen today.

  2. Yes it's a good thing Bunni and I was wrong it's on CSPAN

    It's a great thing seeing 200 thousand Americans gathered in peace and the freaking liberals are besides themselves as they know their days in this country are numbered. I hope they enjoyed trying to take the country down because they've failed miserably and the adults have awakened. No more children in DC and no more crooks. WE're done with the scum.

  3. This is what DickwadBama is doing today....

  4. Watch it too from Glenn Beck 'Restore Honor' FB page, Ray. almost 130K watching it right along with us.
    Beck needs to be thanked for doing this. It was one hell of an event and I too wish I could have been there.

  5. Awesome!  I can hardly wait to vote!

  6. You damn straight it was in the hundreds of thousands, brother!  McClatchy (home of uberlib  Helen Thomas) Said "hundreds of thousands"


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