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Monday, August 16, 2010

Even Dingy Harry Reid Breaks With Obama Over Ground Zero "Victory" Mosque

This story here is pretty much all that's going on today and over the weekend as my posting has been reflecting lately.

It's now being reported that Dingy Harry, who probably has 10 Muslims in his district one can be sure, came out against Chairman MaObama and sided with 80 of Americans in demanding this "Victory Mosque" be relocated, if not entirely scrapped, since the fact of the matter is, they already have over a hundred Mosques in New York.

Enough, you would think in a the near largest metropolitan area of a Christian Judeo nation, which we still are, no matter what GhettObama had to say about it.

Every talk host today was on this story beginning to end today, from both Rush to Alex Jones earlier to Michael Savage, who I'm listening to now, who's going down the complete history of the Muslim tradition of the 'Victory Mosques' going back to the Temple Mount, Cordoba House, which you'll recall was the original name of this thing to show how much disdain they really have for our collective intelligence, right through today.

Good stuff and spot on down the line.

Michael Savage also had an informative show on this very issue most of the show, do listen if you can catch the repeat, which plays online here in the Midwest on this Milwaukee radio station WTMJ. ..and he's got a new book on the way as well around election time, which should be a great read if you like the man, which I do.

Another little tidbit about this Mosque that many do not know amazingly enough and that is that one of the fateful killer jet's gear of the plane used in 911 attack actually crashed through roof of proposed mosque site..

Nice huh?

FOXNews.com -: "Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid broke with President Obama Monday over the proposed mosque near Ground Zero, saying the controversial Islamic center should be built elsewhere.

Spokesman Jim Manley said in a written statement that Republicans should show their sincerity about sensitivity to Sept. 11 survivors by backing a high-profile bill to grant health benefits to rescue workers, something that stalled in Congress earlier this month.

But at the same time, Manley put Reid on the record for the first time in the hyper-sensitive and volatile mosque debate.

'The First Amendment protects freedom of religion,' Manley said. 'Sen. Reid respects that but thinks that the mosque should be built some place else.'

Reid's comments added another high-profile voice to the mosque controversy. The president first stepped into the fray Friday when he appeared to endorse the Park 51 project during a Ramadan dinner at the White House.

The next day, he clarified that he was merely commenting on fundamental religious freedoms -- not specifically on the 'wisdom' of the mosque project. Then White House spokesman Bill Burton said Obama was not 'backing off' his original remarks.

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  1. As far as Reid is concerned it is just politics, if he squecks out a victory (I PRAY NOT) he will support this garbage straight away, no doubt in my mind.

  2. O f course he will it's nothing but politics but the rift in the party this has caused is immeasurable.


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