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Sunday, July 18, 2010

An Obama Vacation: Six Year Old Smarter Than O Voters "'This is the worst day of my life"

This is what always angers me about Obama and his wife, Her Royal Highness of Hypocrisy, and we ALL know damn well he loves the attention, and that is, the major disruptions his mere presence on an island can cause, much less a little enclave like the one they're at now.

If he messed up my family vacation planned way in advance while they just throw darts at the map in the White House map room and choose where they're gonna blow a million of our @#$%$#@!@#$% MONEY! I'd vote him out of office just for that.

That's the major difference between Bush and Obama and their vacation time.

Bush had a small white house out at his ranch which was only a couple hundred miles away, from DC which was his own home, whereas the GhettObama's go wherever the freak flopping hell they've never been on their dime it sure seems like

Which costs us up the ying yang just for the use of the jet that comes in at 70 thou an hour, that reminds me by the way, his freaking mutt [and not the wife] rode on an entirely different plane than the family did, if you can believe that freaking 'shiite'.

GETAWAY: First Dog Bo flew in on separate jet...

Read onward and see how many of the locals there are pissed off that his mere presence has turned their vacations into hell and children are pissed off!! Read what this one child said about the Obama's:

'This is the worst day of my life,'

'I'm not going to vote for him next time, Daddy,' the boy, who could not have been older than six, continued, referring to the president. 'Ok, you don't have to vote for him next time,' responded the father who was poised with his camera, ready to capture an image of the Obamas.

Even a 6 year old is smarter than most Obama followers and voters recognizing what an unnecessary side show accompanies these Obama's as they ACT and vacation more like Lotto winners than statespeople should be doing.

Sad doesn't begin to explain them. This would be my message if they came floating by my boat....furthermore upon exit I'd spit a 'rooster tail' from my wake that would flip that thing on it's side while sending him a 'Lindsay Lohan' special while leaving the scene of the crime from all the greased up 'birdies' down in the Gulf of Hell and me to them .....lol

An Obama Vacation: Maine town Hosts Main Man « Row 2, Seat 4: "An Obama Vacation: Maine town Hosts Main Man

'This is the worst day of my life,' lamented a young Maine vacationer to his father.

Perhaps a bit dramatic, but the boy clearly articulated one view of what it's like to vacation at the same destination the Presidential family has chosen - this weekend the Obamas have selected Bar Harbor, Maine - and when the first family takes a holiday, other vacationing families are sometimes inconvenienced.

This morning's youthful complaint followed the news that the sand bar, which appears at low tide and allows tourists to cross over on foot or by vehicle to Bar Island, was closed to the public. Turns out the Obamas had decided to play tennis and take a dip in the pool at the nearby Bar Harbor Club, so Secret Service had to close down the sand bar walkway because it was too close to the first family. continue reading here...


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. I'd be very pissed off too if my vacation was ruined by this ghetto trash.  Wasting all our money, even taking the mutt (not ME shell)  ha ha that was a good one.

    The worse day of my life was waking up Nov. 4th and finding out the bum was actually elected....and it's gotten worse every day since.

  2. Yea it's funny how they all say 'it's because of his color and I always which half am I being racist about? Maybe I hate white people too  :) ?

    They're idiots because we dislike because he's an idiot himself and has nothing to do with his Halfrican background. I call him that only because he won't admit he was born in Kenya, perhaps he was only there until he was able to fly to Hawaii where they pretended he was born so he could get all the free shit he got.

    If he was a Kenyan he throws spears for the rest of life, American he gets everything for free if he acts black and then rose above by acting white.

    THat's a con man not a president. I don't care if he's freaking sparkle color, he's still an idiot who lied about his ability to run the country and half of this place are too stupid to read what we have for the past 5 years.

    I always say to everyone who says anything "I'm not racist, I hate everyone equally !!  lol

  3. Well I have no plans to visit the East Coast but i would be just as pissed as the young man.

    I was once inconveinenced by a VP / Pres. candidate motorcade by up to 30 minutes (1/2 hour to those in Rio Linda) and at the time lived only 15 minutes from home, thats a total of 45 minutes for those counting!

    What a carbon footprint I and others left! You guessed it,,,Al (I invented the Internet) Gore.

  4. Most Rev. Archbishop GregoriMonday, July 19, 2010

    The Obummers don't give two shakes of a rat's ass how the people feel. He had a lot of nerve to tell the American people that we should go and spend our vacations in the Gulf States to jhelp them out financially, then three days latter he runs off to vacation in Maine. The hypocritical ass.

  5. yes sir and my family went there a couple years as a  kid and I hated it because it was so uppity around there. Seriously felt that as an 11 year old kid.

    Hypocrite is almost too tame, we need a new word for these crooks Reverend. They're just outright lying scum.

  6. The footprint of this asshole stretches from Copenhagen to Hawaii to Chicago to DC and back again 200 times SO FAR.... that's at the rate of 70 G notes an hour. I'm gonna be working on a comparison this week of the last 5 presidents and their travel bills as oppposed to the GhettObama's.

  7. PS Bunny you inspired me to a new nickname for the Hussein tribe which will really stir up the race baiters.  The GhettObama's...it could be sitcom actually now that i think about it or a cartoon strip ..>thanks for the idea!

  8. PS Bunny you inspired me to a new nickname for the Hussein tribe which will really stir up the race baiters.  The GhettObama's...it could be sitcom actually now that i think about it or a cartoon strip ..>thanks for the idea!


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