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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Obama said what? - Fed workers to be urged to commute, travel less

HE, who uses Air Force One like a private jet telling the underlings they must cut their travel?

Yet here he is, hopping here for this 5 minute speech, and there for that 10 minute speech, twice to Copenhagen in the same month!

Trips many would argue were BOTH personal trips, since the federal government had nothing to do with the Olympics coming to Chicago, which is why he was there the second time, lobbying for his homies and killing some quality time flying on this special plane.

All that for about 2 piddly hours on the ground which came to 17 hours in the air round trip twice in the same 2 week stretch, all the way to Copenhagen and back at $70,000 an hour, you do the math.

It came to about 6 million dollars total.

An afternoon in Ohio a couple weeks ago for a 10 minute speech literally cost us all a half million dollars!!

Here's yet another GREAT moment in 'Obama White House travel history':

Remember his Memorial Day trip back here to Chicago where he jotted down to the Gulf and back to make a 'fly by' appearance on the beach there, while back here he was partying with Loopy Louis Farrakhan, who's 45 bodyguards got into a verbal altercation with the Secret Service over the grass at the Nation of Islam party?

All which he chose to partake in rather than spending the holiday in the appropriate setting in DC to honor our vets at Arlington, instead sending 'Sackless' Scranton Joe in his place, who I must admit actually turned in a better performance than Obama could have.. The best part of the day for me and others was when GOD rained on Obama's last second 'I care about the troops' run down the street from his house to a South Side cemetery for some more "Lincoln' imagery.

That little trip cost Americans 240,000 for the weekend.

And most of all, who could forget the Air Force One Fly by in NY that scared the shit out of most of the city all for a BS photo that I and thousands of others could have and did photoshop for hundreds of thousands of the cost as you can see above.

Not to even mention that 50 trips on that thing entail the involvement of a contingent that could run a small country, in addition to the tons and tons of armored vehicles and the literal 'stoppage of time' that occurs when this man parades through a crowded city for a lousy ice cream and a damn Big Mac is preposterous.

All because of his monstrous ego and self centeredness that's not even satisfied with all the gushing we have to suffer through as he wanders through the moronic class for affirmation more than the Real Fake Stuart Smalley character. Not the asshole who played him on SNL




My Way News - Fed workers to be urged to commute, travel less: "WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama wants federal workers to cut down on business travel and commuting by car as he seeks to reduce heat-trapping emissions produced by the federal government.

The White House was announcing Tuesday that the government will aim to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions from indirect sources like employee driving by 13 percent in 2020, compared with 2008 levels.

Earlier this year Obama directed agencies to reduce pollution from direct sources, such as buildings and government fleets, by 28 percent in the next decade.

The federal government is the largest energy consumer in the U.S. economy, and the combined reductions would be the equivalent of removing emissions from 235 million barrels of oil, the White House said.

Employee travel and commuting account for the biggest category of what the White House calls indirect sources of pollution, so the main way to limit them will be encouraging employees to travel less for business and to use mass transit for their commutes. Other sources of indirect pollution are waste disposal and energy that is lost through inefficient electricity transmission.

The announcement allows Obama to show some forward movement on cutting greenhouse gases even as the Senate prepares to take up energy legislation without the broad, economy-wide greenhouse gas emission caps Obama hoped for.

In a statement, Obama noted that the government is the biggest energy user. 'The government has a responsibility to use that energy wisely, to reduce consumption, improve efficiency, use renewable energy, like wind and solar, and cut costs,' he said.
Speaking of which:

Oh I guess this means they'll also be demanding that San Fran Nan give up the use of the Gulfsteam and Air Force Jets that she's now taking cross country on a 'whenever the hell she feels like it' basis?

She's cost us over 3 million dollars so far in her time as Speaker of House, and that includes the giant hammer she carries around with her.

Make her go back to her piddly private Cessna or fly first class like the rest of the "we're better than you' segment of America. Don't hold your breath on that one.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. The hyprocracy of this dictator has left me SPEECHLESS.
    No one calls him and his witch pelousy on their antics, except the bloggers.
    Great posts and pics.

  2. <span>Thank Bunni..no they do not call them on jack...ever. It's damn near criminal and what it also says is there are lots of people being intimidated by these people because we know darn well every person in DC isn't a liberal so coersion and the likes must be going on.  
    If more people like the Adams guy accusing Justice of not fighting white voter cases would come out the dam would burst.</span>

  3. Does he think he's Elvis?  Elvis used to make unusual night trips for food...was Obastard going for ribs???

  4. That pic is from his first trip on AFO and you can see he's like a kid in a candy store..I thought it would be funny ...

    Elvis used to fly his plane from Graceland to Vegas with his pajamas on and vice versa...that's so (^)_&_()*^%.... If I were even given the privilege I'd never waste it on ostentaciousness like that and Obama acts like a rock star and he OWNS all this stuff..It shows how delusional he is.


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