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Monday, July 12, 2010

Lady Obama: America Still Unequal - Gotta kill more cracker babies I guess...

And just what is it she's talking about? Job searching intensity? Perhaps men taking responsibility for all the babies they create? Trying to keep them from making killing one another a weekend urban sport?

Is that what she's talking about?

OR..is she saying like her Black Panther buddies that they need to hit the streets to 'kill more of those dirty cracker babies'? You know, the ones who usually grow up to be responsible, tax paying citizens as the Administration approved New Black Panthers are calling for, which can be seen in the sidebar if you've been on Mars this week >>>>

Now there's some serious racism, incitement of violence, race conflict, and 'Lawdy' knows we can't have any of that 'whitey makes more' crap in the New 'ObamAmerica', gotta level that playing field, knock the honkies down a notch or two or three with some more of that 'reparation wealth redistribution' they've all been sitting on their asses waiting for.
July 12, 2010
First Lady: America Still Unequal

Michelle Obama tells the NAACP that 'there's still much work' to be done

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The money promised to them in the Rev Wright Churches and by the Shyster Inc run by Sharptongue and JJ....not to mention adding more leeching illegals to suck the wealth from both ends if they would only keep those collection plates full for the past 40 years.

That'll sure even things out....what a freaking battle axe. I can't even call this lady the first lady when she goes out and slams 80% of America, not on our watch.

Then the racist NAACP, the only group in the world allowed to use the words 'colored people' voted to call all tea party people racists although they use the phrase "certain elements" which means everyone white who thinks Obama's a socialist Pig.

Michelle Obama Rouses NAACP Before Vote Condemning 'Racist' Elements of Tea Party...

So they way I figure it is if they're gonna call people racists who aren't, then perhaps we should all reconsider our positions since they already think we're racists because we work hard and seem to have so much more material goods than they, like we don't work for the shit we have.

No one but me and my parents paid for our family's educations, I'll tell you that much and we all worked damn hard and long to do it while people like Obama get financial and grade wise free rides and still can't handle the job he said he could do.

He lied his ass off and now they're engaging 'FAILURE PLAN Z' which is to blame Obama's failure on the white man's racism when it was the white man who put him over the top in the election minus all the ACORN and FELON voter fraud we saw as Franken's election result study is finally released and yes, fraud was the winning factor..


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Maybe if they instilled a sense of responsibility and morality to their children instead of themselves sitting on their arses and encouaraging their kids to stay on welfare then maybe less kids will be in jail.  These people encourage the cycle of poverty and them blame others for their problems. That pisses me off!

  2. I'm getting angrier too every day Teresa >:o >:o >:o

    as it seems the Obama's "Im not proud of my country" crap is seething out and the masquerade is over. We warned em and no one listened and now we have a near 3 sided race war heating up here which by the way leaves them outnumbered about 20,000 to one.

    I hate seeing this happen but they're fomenting it from the Half WHite House down,  and they're doing it on purpose to push the system to the brink. They think. This isn't good.

    They're making some lifelong mistakes here and I do pray white America is ready to respond to whatever comes this way, and the dumb white democrats wont be spared a race war either, so they better figure out what their story's gonna be know that they've created this monster per se.

  3. Isn't this just the cherry on the top of the pile of crap they've been shoveling on our heads forever.  And, I put on FB a vid I just saw on Brietbart of the Black panthers saying they are going to shoot all us tea partiers at the Glenn Beck Rally.  They are emboldened now, since DOJ and POS are their BFF's.  How much more can we stand, Ray?  It's gonna get UGLY real soon, I'm afraid.

  4. Most Rev. Archbishop GregoriMonday, July 12, 2010

    Obama, Michelle, Holder and the rest of the liberal trash have set race relations back 100 years.

    When is the revolution going to start.

  5. ISn't it sad Bunni, as reverend said, they've really misjudged their madate here and it's seemingly intentional setting back race relations to pretty bad very fast. We're just gonna have to go with the flow here although these dumbasses don't speak for all African Americans and either way they're so severely outnumbered politically, physically, dare I say arms wize, these thugs have some guns, but the rednecks including this misplanted one have more fer sure... ;)

  6. Seems the Black Panthers want to rumble but O'Reilly and Geraldo were laughing, they say theres  a couple hundred of these morons, even the Old Head Black Panther has no connections to them. Let's hope it doesn't go there but if it does, I say 'bring it bro' all you got. ;)


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