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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How flucked up is this? - Thousands of Arlington Graves Likely & Heinously Mislabeled, Senator Says

WE all heard and read weeks ago there were problems at the time honored resting space for America's Bravest citizens, vaunted Arlington Cemetery, but to actually have hero's graves mis-marked is simply beyond the pale, and sounds right out of the 'Gangsta Disciple Chicago Cemetery Club' as Burr Oak Cemetery, which famously reburied African Americans in previously occupied graves of the deceased.

Those grave sites were apparently their targets, there and likely in this case, those which weren't visited very often [for whatever the particular survivor's reasons, if there even were any] or this heinous activity would have likely been uncovered far sooner than it was at the Chicago this crime scene discovered about 6 months ago.

That was their likely MO, look for grave sites not visited often and use those to rebury newly deceased and pocket the rather large ticket proceeds as anyone who's recently buried a loved one can attest, usually in the 5-15 thousand range today I know personally having buried my own beloved mother 2 years ago.

If you're not sure of which heinous crime I speak, you can read about that background here at Burr Ok.

Meanwhile, the US government's unusually ignorant employees have seemingly found yet another way to discredit and shame the very people who grant and protect the freedoms we people have in this country to be 'ungrateful assholes' such as those demented enough to even contemplate allowing such a morbid and unforgiving mistake much less executing the crimes.

Can you imagine being part of a grave desecration crew and not reporting it to someone? Hint hint......No Comprende Senor and and Senorita....

Then again, with the shape this country is in thanks to the massive immigration of the world's ignorant and uneducated, half the people working there could very well be alien to the English Language, if this turns out wasn't outright disgusting fraud and instead simple down home newfangled liberally created and nurtured 'American Illegal Alien' stupidity.

Thousands of Arlington Graves Could Be Mislabeled, Senator Says: "COLUMBIA, Mo. -- The Missouri senator whose subcommittee is investigating potential contracting fraud at Arlington National Cemetery on Monday said the number of mislabeled graves there could be in the thousands.

An internal Army investigation found at least 211 discrepancies between burial maps and grave sites at Arlington. The review found lax management
of the cemetery and a reliance on paper records to manage the burial sites.

At a news conference Monday in Columbia, Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill said the number of burial site errors could be much higher because the Army report was limited to a small section of the cemetery.

McCaskill called the growing scandal a matter of 'heartbreaking incompetence' and said the military has spent more than $5.5 million over seven years in its unsuccessful attempts to computerize the cemetery's burial records.

'At the very essence here you have waste,' she said. 'There may be fraud - we don't know at this point.' continue reading this story at FOXNews.com -


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. If the American people aren't respected when they are alive what a surprise to find out the aren't respected dead.
    How can these assholes that dug up the dead live with themselves?  It just is beyond belief...just when you think
    it was bad enough with the mess at Burr Oak you find out it's going on at Arlington National Cemetery.  I can't even
    think of words to convey my feelings about this.  >:o   What a BIG disrespect for all of the fallen that lost their lives
    to keep us free and safe.  May God continue to keep them in his arms.

  2. Half this country has no respect for the damn living and we all know the tragedy of abortion and that has caused people to have no value of life.

    So if they hate the living imagine what disdain they all have for the dead...God is gonna make society pay for this abomination of life an desecration of the dead one day if not judgment day..  :(

  3. maggiesnotebookTuesday, July 27, 2010

    There had to be many people involved in this sad, sad situation. As for McCaskill and her Senate hearings, I say forget it, and get people in their to get this figured out notify the families.

    Somehow management always skates. I say take away the benefits of these two men who were supposedly in charge. It makes so angry. Gosh, this is just too sick. I don't know how this can happen.

    Ray, are you suggesting illegals may have been hired to do the work, or is my imagination in overdrive?

  4. I think the number is around 2000 so far, although since that comes from the state run media it's probably more around 3 or so....

    We can't trust anyone on anything anymore in this country.  The days of handshake deals and a man's word are over..

    A man only has 2 things in this life, and those are his balls and his word....this man breaks neither for no one.

  5. oops....yea I'm suggesting the grave diggers are most likely illegals although these diggers have unions, we know SEIU and probably the Teamsters have them all within their ranks although of course they won't admit it. BY co opting the illegals they prevent them from lowering wages in those industries as they do in the rest. Many say "oh but why would they want illegals" ....that's why....  ;)

    With these people you take whatever you can see and turn it on it's head, then you're closer to the truth since they survive on deception and lies. :(


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