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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

GhettObama On the View Thursday, how presidential... Word!

As Rush is saying today on his show, this appearance isn't denigrating the office of the presidency, every day he's in office he denigrates it himself just by being in it with his incredulous behavior and party-like atmospheric actions.

Sending the family on vacations they could never afford as if they're America's latest lotto winners instead of the 'so called leader of the free world', dashing around like AFO is his own personal private jet, growing weed in the backyard, we never know what the hell is next with the "Obamasson's" [as in "Jefferson's".]

This family is taking 4 different family vacations inside of a month. Guaranfreaktee you Bush never pulled a stunt like this, or we'd a done the same thing, that being angry as hell this man isn't working 30 hours a day with the country in the shape that it's in since his "Ordainment"

I suppose since he and most of congress have never worked a real honest day in their lives anyways, this isn't really much of a departure.

This man is more of a clusterf*ck than even I ever anticipated after years of observing his ascent in local politics here. God help us and this republic make it until November completely intact.

As President, Obama Takes On 'The View': "President Obama is making his debut on daytime talk TV this week, the first sitting U.S. president ever to make such an appearance, according to ABC.

And he's choosing to do it on The View, the morning show co-hosted by Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepherd. They were quick to trumpet the news of Thursday's show — 'He likes us, he really likes us,' Behar gushed — and noted that Obama dropped by the set twice before he became president and that the first lady has also made an appearance.

So why this moment and this venue to make daytime television history?

Read more at the free taxpayer funded Obama network : NPR


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. InAnd AroundGarfieldRidgeTuesday, July 27, 2010

    I am waiting for him to host Saturday Night Live

  2. of course I meant "leaving' ...which reminds me of how many times I see people losing as 'loosing' on the net! That alone scares the hell out of me...I can't believe the bad grammer and spelling we see every day even on the top websites, and I know as I email every place I see them telling them to hire me instead of the nimrods they're employing as writers. And these are people who supposedly have Journo degrees..GOD help us all... :(

  3. ap-dp.blogspot.comTuesday, July 27, 2010

    Hanging out with 4 liberals and a RINO doesn't get the country back on it's feet.

    God I can't wait to march the left out of the halls of congress.

  4. HI Ray!  I love the pic and it's so true.  Rush sure has it right, EVERYTHING he does denigrates the office of President.
    He's such a ghetto fab mack daddy, and WORSE than a low life hillbilly.  He and his harpie hag wife are doing all this on purpose, while rubbing our nose in it.  They know he won't be in office for long, and they want all the gov't cheeze they can steal.
    Lord help us is right!  I hope we last until November as well. :'(

  5. You have me rollin in the aisle here Bunni with your Ghetto Fabuliscous descriptive there, sent me searching for an old Photoshop inspired by Pastor Manning's Mack Daddy adjective..  You have some creative monikers there, I've been using your GhettObama all over the message boards with much laughter !!

    THnx for the laughs, they're hard to come by during this clusterfuckhead known as Barry Soetero.. Just pray someone finds that damn birth certificate and soon..

  6. Ya sometimes even the conservative ditz can be damaging to the cause !!

    I like her and all but she makes me wonder why someone would sign on for that abuse at any price, unless they all know it''s nothing but show from all 5/ Except we know the 4 are liberal jackboots through and through so she must be authentic....meaning Hassleback ... :(

  7. PS is it me or is that Whoopi WTF pregnant? If so I wonder who the unlucky test tube was because the only man I've ever heard of her doing is Ted Danson.. :( What a traitor....lol kiddin...

  8. That's a super pic, makes him look more clownish than usual.
    You are too kind, I'm glad you've having a laugh.  These names just pop into my brain, because he
    is SUCH a putz and puke!  They have probably opened a crack den in the WH bar, and named it
    "The Putz & Puke".   hee hee.  :-P   TTYL.

  9. PS:  I did not think up the GhettObama name, but it's fab! 8-) :-P :-$ :-$ :-$ :-$  

  10. ap-dp.blogspot.comTuesday, July 27, 2010

    Thats their version of fair and balanced....I guess.

  11. I love the say Elizabeth Hasselbeck is put as far away from Obama as possible.  Almost like he's scared of her....

  12. This week <span>The View</span>, next week it is <span>Springer</span>.

    He gave the Boy Scouts the cold shoulder for this.

  13. It is funny isn't it? She probably asked them to stick her on the end as far away as they could..you made me notice now that she's in all white with black accents and Obumble is all black with white... interesting.. ;)


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