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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fight Back: Reports of Mexican Hiding ID's in Enchilada During RAID, no joke. | Are illegals infesting U.S. military bases TOO?

These damn illegal aliens have not only infested our cities and towns like an unstoppable cockroach invasion, word also comes this morning from Maricopa county that they're also being arrested inside military bases.

And since the gutless GhettObama Feds won't do anything, we citizens and the states will have to hit the streets and 'kick asses' like Sheriff Joe Arpaio, as he just raided a company providing civilian assistance to the Military' and comes out with 5 illegal aliens out of a hundred employees along with one American wanted on warrants.

As I noted in the title, one of these illegals stuffs her id in an enchilada to hide it from the Sheriff's deputies, as if they're 'so freaking stupid the deputies won't find it.

That's the very attitude these people collectively have of Americans and our weak kneed government, mocking us and them all the way down the line. You've seen the pictures of the illegals giving us all 'the finger' I'm sure.

That's how they all think about us and America, believe it. Look at the asshole in the pic to the right here? They thought it was bad before? They're in for a big shock from what I'm gathering this morning . We want that shit in our backyards and ballgames, cars riding around with MeHican flags on them like we see around here?

I can't tell ya how pissed I get when I see that boy, especially on Cinco Spicoli day..

So, after yesterday's ridiculous ruling reported on in the post below this one, (which I predict along with a host of Law professors will easily be overturned in the Supreme Court 4 to 3 in short order) we not only have Muslim spies and terrorists infiltrating our highest levels of government and the military, we also have Illegals doing it, which one would think the 'so called' president would care about this.

But he doesn't while hoping to capture their votes, instead filing suit over and over again towards the American people in favor of these leeching cockroaches.
Are illegals infesting U.S. military bases?: "Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is warning that illegal aliens may have gained access to a U.S. Army installation in Arizona that also serves as the nation's largest military intelligence-training center.

'I have deep concerns that people who come into our country illegally have managed to gain access onto an active U.S. military installation,' Arpaio said in a statement today. 'This cause for concern goes well beyond the argument that people are only committing the crime of wanting to work in this country.'

Arpaio's detectives raided Valley View Building Services in central Phoenix today, searching for 25 people suspected of identity theft and fraud.

The company employs 100 people in three states and is contracted to clean newly constructed buildings at Fort Huachuca, an Army post located only 15 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border. At least one of the suspects had worked on the military installation.

The deputies took five women into custody today. Four are suspected illegal aliens arrested for identity theft and fraud. One is a U.S. citizen wanted with an outstanding warrant. continued
So what am I gonna do about it?


We as Americans need to take the bull by the horns and do the work of the police when we can, and report every non English speaking individual we come across, be they running businesses, taco stands, running Lawn care companies or 'what have you' as often as we can and encounter them, which frankly I do daily out here in the NW Chicago Suburbs. DAILY.

In fact, starting next week, I'll be driving around my neighborhood and the Chicago area taking pictures of American companies hiring Illegals to do their work, identifying these businesses in addition to indentifying by photograph the illegals themselves going in and out of these offices and plants around the area/

There's an entire busload of these people who come into Wheeling IL each day at the corner of Hintz and Milwaukee Ave about a mile from me, and we're starting out by following that tribe from their stop to identify where it is that they're working.

Once I've compiled a decent amount, which should take a couple afternoons, as I just stated, I already have about 10 businesses we'll be targeting, and once the page/blog is up, I will then contact the companies and tell them (A) where the page is and (B) what I'm doing about it, which will be of course publishing the info first and foremost and then sending the info to every damn agency I can find.

That's including but not limited to the IRS, ICE, the White house, the local police, the state police, Cook County, the state congressman and women, the local media [where I have a girlfriend working as a reporter] the governor's mansion et al.

You name it, we're sending it to them. Then, once I've compiled a list of agencies, I'll publish that too, so everyone else out there can do it as well along with having a definitive 'clearinghouse' to send the information aside from those mentioned above.

I'll do the work for those who have the info but not the time to 'mess with it'. I have the time and the wherewithal to do it.

A buddy and myself are doing this in conjunction with building a website so people can contribute their own photos of these illegal aliens from around the country and Illinois where they work, where they cut grass, where they're peddling drugs, and so on and son on....
So we'll make these business's pay, believe you me...

In fact, I got into a shouting match yesterday with the association president about this problem, pointing out all the 'no comprende' Mexicans they have cutting our grass, [which gave me the inspiration to do this] and those folks are gonna be the first ones on the site.

Furthermore, I warned them all while taking pics of their trucks, license plates and employees right out there in the open, challenging them to '****with me' while I was doing it, and they did not.

It's sad it has to be this way but frankly they asked for it by coming here illegally in the first place and our government deserves blame for egging them here..but also for their ' in your face f u people' attitude which has turned me against the whole group illegal or not.

My Italian and German ancestors would never have treated Americans with such disdain and disrespect. Nor would have yours I'm certain without knowing only maybe 20 of you personally, because they all made America the greatest country on planet earth.

They considered themselves guests until naturalized and then beyond.

If Obama and the state governors aside from this woman Jan Brewer, who has more nad's than all the men in congress won't do it, then we'll run them all out of business ourselves, whenever and wherever we can, and encourage other Americans to do the same, or you will if you haven't already lost your section of this country forever.

Ours here is 'on the brink' as well.

They can bet their id stuffed enchilada asses on this, as we won't back down, nor should you!

We're fed up and we're joining hands with everyone else sick of this invasion and government inaction.

WE run this country, not 20 million criminal aliens stealing our damn cars, our jobs, our health care services, while raping and drugging our friends, women and even children as they peddle their ghetto attitudes along with drugs on our streets and in our schools

Drugs that come right over that porous border, supplied by their sponsors, the Latin Kings, M15 and these other Mexican Drug gangs and cartels, while the 'dickless' Obama administration does jack squat about it all in the name of 'equality' when in fact it's for nothing but votes and an undefeatable coalition of scum like we have in the urban areas that keep people like King Richard Daley in office for 25 freaking years and more

ENOUGH OF THIS AMERICA, keep the anger just a couple notches below the 'violence' stage and we'll all be fine and win out in the end.

Obama's hoping we'll react like Muslims, Hispanics and just some African Americans when THEY don't get their way. We won't, we're smarter than that and we'll kill the beast by chopping the money bag head off.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. Righteous rant, Ray!  And not just a rant, you're taking action.

    Here's how this works.  Someone here legally starts a small business and knowingly hires the illegals.  Then a "respectable" business like a cleaning company, Target, or your condo association contracts with the small business, and is thereby firewalled because the illegals hired by the small business is not their responsibility.

    I say go hard after these businesses, fining them $100,000 per illegal, and the people will self-deport.

    BTW, I heard Sheriff Joe on Savage Nation last night, and he is pressing on unhindered by the ruling. Of all the local police departments cooperating with ICE, his alone is responsible for 25% of the deportations. 

  2. Wow, Ray, you go guy!  I can't wait to see that site.  I see truckloads of these illegals over here everyday, and it never ends.  I've ALWAYS cut my own grass, I love that sticker.  I also LUV that photoshop of bammy hanging w/ the homies.  It is great to see your wonderful reporting skills being put to such good use!

    PS:  everyone loves your pic of the squirrel, but they agree my squirrels have been insulted, and the next obummer pic should be w/ his head on a rat, a snake, a worm, you get the idea.  :-P

  3. Oh "YES WE CAN" Ray!!!!!   I'm up for taking pictures and posting them on your page!
    What an awesome idea.  I wonder how many illegals work at the racetrack.  Let's hope the makes a huge difference.

  4. IF you have a white hen or a hardware store that's where they collect, especially in the mornings and evenings.  Home depot's the best but like I said to Bunni, don't do what I did, they might mess back with you ladies, they won't f*** with me,

    They all work on the back stretch there and in the I forget what they call that area where they saddle them up ......paddock that's it ....by the train at night down there at Arlington, then all over the near west side just west of the kennedy down Cicero west before you get to brutha land.

  5. One helluva a post Ray! I am with you in spirit to be sure. Around my neck of the woods i have not seen much due to my geographical position around Detroit, but I am sure it is prevelent in the city proper and given time will follow your lead!

  6. Trestin MeachamFriday, July 30, 2010

    I like your plan.  If we could get more to do it, it could really change things.

  7. People say 'oh it's racist' the hell it is. Most of the illegals are illegal for a reason, they can't pass legal muster, they're criminals, rapists, drug dealers, hardly any make any significant contributions and their work has actually made teens have problems and made Americans fat from not taking care of their own houses and property paying them 30 bucks a yard to do it.

    They're all over Chicago and I see more of those caravans than UPS trucks

  8. Thanks and your not far, and sadly the same thing that happened to detroit is happening here and it's ghetto ization of all America/

    We've lowered the bars so these people can all catch up and now they run things., right into the ground, while far better equipped people both physically and intellectually sit on the sidelines because of Affirmative Action right up to the white house.


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