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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Activist Judge Makes 'Cherry Picking' Ruling Which Just Delays the Inevitable Defeat for the Future Deportees

It didn't take long for Jan Brewer to pop off the emails and from one I just opened at 5:38 pm Chicago daylight that ended with this (frankly I really hate fundraising letters exploiting political situations I must confess big time....they didn't have to ask the first time around so)
...........We know liberals in Washington, D.C. and throughout the country will continue to do everything possible to distort what our law does and smearanyone who endorses it, which is why it is vital you support the RGA.

The RGA helps governors like me who are willing to tell the federal government when “enough is enough.” Simply put, the RGAis a key partner and with me on the front lines.

P.S. Our appeal will occur very soon. Please give to the RGAimmediately: https://www.rga.org/arizona/

We knew this wouldn't be slam dunk and it'll go the freakshow 9th circuit then work it's way to the supreme court and be validated, I'd bet Obama's presidency on it. (cont after the story)
Judge blocks parts of Arizona immigration law "AFP

Lawyers for the state contend the law was a constitutionally sound attempt by Arizona to assist federal immigration agents and lessen border woes such as the heavy costs for educating, jailing and providing health care for illegal immigrants. Arizona is the busiest gateway into the country for illegal immigrants, and the border is awash in drugs and smugglers that the state badly wants to stop.

'It's a temporary bump in the road, we will move forward, and I'm sure that after consultation with our counsel we will appeal,' Brewer told the Associated Press. 'The bottom line is we've known all along that it is The responsibility of the feds and they haven't done their job so we were going to help them do that.'........


The crowed clapped and started chanting, 'Migrants, hang on, the people are rising up!' continue reading at - Yahoo! News:
That line right there and this accompanying photo is what angers the hell outta me the most.

These people are just like the freaking Muslims who partied on 911, in both cases they're enjoying applauding the destruction of the United States and the enemy within stands shoulder to shoulder with these selfish trespassing leeches.

WE don't want Migrant's booted,
and even their dumb asses know this.

The way the shameless liberals have distorted the truth, to me at least, is akin to like telling an ethnic joke right straight in the face of the person themselves while everyone laughs at them because they don't understand it but stand there laughing yet red faced and humiliated, ya know? Everyone's been there or seen at at least once.

In this case it's because the 'joke' is on 'them' as these liberals and Jesse Inc are just using them to get votes and they teach them how to say 'you're a racist' and throw signs in their hands they can't even read, and it's the most pathetic exploitation of human beings since the Blaxploitation Film of the 70's.

For example, these poor and often ignorant people [ in a language sense ] think they'll get 'hung' on the spot if a conservative finds them first, as that's about what they're being told purposefully that they can claim 'must have been misunderstood in translation'.

But the rest of the people act like they have some kind of special right to be here, when most are illegal aliens, and frankly, the more they say 'shit' like that. the more I want to see their asses deported.

So we'll just all have to step it up ourselves and help the cops whenever we can by reporting the people we know in our sections of town are here illegally, and make it an uncomfortable place to be for ILLEGAL ALIENS who can be easily identified by the simple fact that they 'no comprende'.

That being because anyone here LEGALLY must have an command and sense of the English language, period. They can't get naturalized without it.

Unless they're migrant workers, who by the way are found 96 % of the time in California.
So we're pretty sure, for instance, all the people on the West side of Chicago are not migrant workers and if they can't speak english they're illegals.

Then, we'll be scanning the classifieds here you can bet for business's who are searching for bi-lingual employees, find out who they're serving, and report the businesses we know harbor and hire illegals. That helps and I know for a fact I'm not the only one doing it. My buddies and I report landscaping companies weekly out here where I'm at. They don't pay attention but they will.

So when you're standing in line at McDonald's and the line isn't moving because the people ordering can't read the menu, get their license plates if they have them and report them to ICE.

Do what I do and keep track of every time you've done it, so when election time comes around, the info can be fed to the proper media channels and sources where it will get attention.

If we make it impossible for them to get work and any benefits they'll leave. They already started an exodus this week which has proven all it takes is to supply just a little heat in the kitchen and they flee. So this really means nothing despite the fact the liberal media will consider it cast in stone defeat.

And it will not languish in the courts for 10 years, they will fast track this as quick as possible.

The Supreme court will flip this thing the right way.


The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it. H. L. Mencken


  1. ap-dp.blogspot.comWednesday, July 28, 2010

    And once again, O'Dumbo is out of touch with the American people.
    But, like you said, we knew it would come because lower courts just don't have the nads to uphold the Constitution. Lets see, now, how fast they try and get "reform" passed.
    I see a "scorch earth" agenda coming from the Dems before Nov. on getting the socialist agendas passed before they are tossed out.

  2. See my post today on what a couple of us are working on out here, a website blog to report these people and publicize businesses who are flouting our laws bringing these damn illegals into our country and running them out of business with bad publicity.

  3. ap-dp.blogspot.comThursday, July 29, 2010

    Sure did see it, bookmarked it and will put it up as a sidebar link on my blog today. Thats a great idea. And I am sure there are plenty of businesses hiring them here in Chitown to fill up website blog, too.  :-D

  4. This is going to be the dot.com'

    <span><span>reportillegalshere.com</span><span>  itis not up yet, I wanna research the keywords and some other quick stuff before I'm positive but I think report illegals will be sufficient to bring some automatic traffic 

  5. They are indeed and lets hope the moderate Americans on each side of the dividing line join us back again on the right so we can all keep this country the way it was, not some third world dump nanny state for all the deadbeats who don't wanna work their way up the ladder to success.


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