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Monday, July 5, 2010

Chicago Crowds give 'thumbs up' to split fireworks show

This I saw being done in New York City's display, which was on 4 separate barges, although Chicago went as far as to split the fireworks into three littler sections of the lakefront, north, south and the 'loop' or 'downtown' area, which seemed to work out better than having 2 million people jammed on North Avenue beach and Grant Park, which used to be the 'drill' until last night.

And whaddaya know?

Not one report of any crime or killings for once. Lets say this idea kept everyone in 'their little part of town' is about what it amounted to. And it worked better for everyone except the price I'm sure but hey, what the hell, why not 'blow it all' since Illinois is just about as bankrupt as a state can be, next to California, and I'll give you ONLY one guess what the common denominator besides bankruptcy is.

Gimme an "I"....gimme a couple 'L''s... you get the picture.

This was a pic from the North side show...

This one from the South Side.... I think you start to get the picture as to why they were enjoyed by all in their 'respective' neighborhoods......lol....

BTW, read about Illinois' 'pending collapse under liberal rule', just like every other major urban American city being run into the ground thanks to their 'kow towing' to illegal aliens and the 'welfare state. Either 'everyone starts pulling their weight' or this thing collapses soon for good.

Despite parking headaches and huge downtown crowds that had police turning would-be spectators away from Navy Pier by 7 p.m., many attending the revamped Chicago fireworks gave the new shows the thumbs up.

Holly Kidder, 21, of Hyde Park, awkwardly carried a small charcoal grill onto a CTA bus and then about two blocks to the 63rd Street Beach to enjoy the holiday with friends.

"I kind of like the fact that (the fireworks) are in different places," Kidder said. "It makes it nice for us so we don't have to go down to Grant Park."

Unlike past years, there were no fireworks in Grant Park. That spectacle has been replaced by the three smaller ones along the lake -- near Montrose Beach, around 63rd Street Beach and at Navy Pier.

Crowds give thumbs up to split fireworks shows - Chicago Breaking News


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  1. Trestin MeachamMonday, July 05, 2010

    Nice!  Looks like a great time.

  2. Seems a logical decision and surprisng as well considering the body politic in Chicago.

  3. Hi Ray!  I didn't go to any of these celebrations.
    I watched stuff on tv, safer that way.

    I hope you are having a great holiday, and stay cool.
    God Bless America, and you, for all that you do.

  4. I did the exact same thing and just watched em on the tube and out the window as well with a neigbor and that was about it here.

     Nothing out of the ordinary other than the usual fireworks noise going into the early morning usually by Mexicans who don't work using the holiday for an excuse for hooliganism.  ;)

  5. It kept the crime in their own neighborhoods essentially which is fine by me !

  6. Always a good time when there's no crime.  ;)

  7. Our little city did suprisingly enough this year as right next door is a township full of illegal aliens and had theirs too I was pretty shocked to see. Apparently all the illegals are bringing in good enough 'coin' for the city.

    Others did not, these towns here have 50-100,000 people so not exactly 'small'. Mine's a Jewish community so they always have the money....l0l  :)


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