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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Here's a 'Man Caused Tragedy', Illegal Killed Young Football Star in Cold Blood, Family Speaks Out - Video

This is definitely a must see video, the man and his wife were all over the media today as the un American, Latino run LA county board votes to freakin boycott Arizona, a place where the school district is 70 % Hispanic and 30% of those don't even speak English.

His name was Jameel Shaw, on his way to Stanford University on football scholarship, killed like a dog in an alley in cold blood.

"We black people are pissed off about all this too and America needs to hear that!"...said Mr Shaw, who's son was massacred by an illegal who just exited prison the very day before. Honestly.

Un freaking real.The day before. How does an illegal not get shown the border with a steel toed boot in their ass after being discharged from prison we paid for is my question?

Every day another American family destroyed by illegal aliens and the left nor Obama doesn't give a damn. We're worthless to them, they prefer the criminals to hang with.

This was where this poor family told their tragic tale courtesy of the "people who supposedly do the jobs Americans won't".. Bullshit. Michael Savage also all over it on his show, you can hear the repeat on this Wisconsin station online at 11 central by the way.. about 33 minutes into the show. Great interview as he promises to keep the young man's picture up on his website and other stuff, really good. :(

June 2, 2010Murdered Teen's Family Speaks Outas Shaws' say a tough immigration law like Arizona's could have saved their beloved Jamiel who was allegedly killed by an illegal


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  1. An illegal who just exited prison.  What's wrong with this statement?  The Exit should be he's shot from a cannon pointed south.  We are the freakin' stupidest counry on earth.

  2. And we hear this shit every single day. Every day someone in America is killed by an illegal alien. I just don't know anymore, I can't believe I'm actually seeing this going on in this country and I can't believe it's lasted this long ....  ya know..

  3. My prayers go out to this family.  When will we get true <span>JUSTICE</span> in this country?

  4. When we have the next Spanish American war apparently

  5. I was gonna put the clip on here but my stats tell me no one clicks on em when I do so I'm leaving em off.

    Actually was listening to IT when I wrote this.  Interesting ;)


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