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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Men of America.

And to all the dads out there (of which I am not one) including my own Dad, try to have a great time out there today doing whatever it is you have planned for the family, and DO enjoy your day as king of the castle, as tomorrow you know everything will go right back to normal ...lol

By the way, what's the most confusing day for the NBA ?

Why, 'Who's yo daddy day' of course! lol


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  1. Happy Fathers Day Ray!!! It is a pleasure having to know you (albeit thru blogging) and may you enjoy the day!

  2. Well thank you sir, that's awfully kind and same here. I'm not a "pops" but I still have one but he's in Florida so it's the phone call card present deal around here today.

    Hope the day goes well for you and yours. Have a great one and thanks again Christopher.

  3. Ray, Then by all means wish your 'pops' a Very Happy Fathers Day and please also tell him an Irishman in Detroit believes he did a GREAT job in raising you!

  4. Hey, you are an Uncle and that still qualifies for Happy Father's Day Ray!

  5. I guess, no one here slaving over me for the day though, no cards ;) _

  6. Thanks althought the bulk of that job I'm afraid fell to my mother and maternal grandpa as pops took off with another woman at age 13 and while he paid the bills the fathering aspect was a little shakey from time to time sadly. She passed in on my birthday in 2007 on November 29 rest he soul.

  7. maggiesnotebookSunday, June 20, 2010

    Definitely Ray, you love your nieces and nephews, and you love being with them. Uncle's Day works on Father's Day. I had a very, very special Uncle, married to my paternal Aunt. I always called to say Happy Father's Day to him. They had no children, but what a wonderful Dad he would have been (not so sure about my Aunt being a wonderful Mom - don't think that would have worked out - but I loved her too.

  8. Ya know the problem is they travel in a different social strata right now and it's GO GO GO....and I understand that, I didn't like depressing them and embarrassing them when I was really crippled by going to their functions and stuff... but now that I seem to be incredibly improving over really the past couple weeks seriously, I'll engage more when I'm able bodied fully, which really looks like it's 'soon in the cards'.

    I love them and they know it, but they're rich rich rich and just live in a different world for now, I was like the 'broken down family mule'.  No more though :)


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